"Each to their own" or “I’m not interested, please leave me alone”

I have no issues with someone having a religion. But that doesn't mean that I want to be a part of it or need to be “saved” because I don't believe in a god.

I wasn’t able to find a discussion post about "Each to their own" maybe this topic post should be titled “I’m not interested, please leave me alone”.

Are there any polite ways to say “I’m not interested, please leave me alone”?

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I just mention Richard Dawkins. That seems to do the trick.
Please, keep your delusions to yourself, or take them to someone as credulous as you.
*Insider knowledge* If you don't want Jehovah's Witnesses calling on your door, clearly tell them not to and by law they have to mark you down as a DNC (Do Not Call). You should get a few years peace before they test the water again to check if you've moved or changed your mind. Might work for the other religions too, I'm not sure.


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