Here I am in Gainesville whilst the world watches as plans are made to burn the Quarn. Nobody has come up with an appropriate response here in town. They have been denied the burn permit but plan to go ahead anyway.


The local Christians are all babbling that their mystery book is the only book.

And nobody else can think of an approach


Ignore it? Protest it? Write a letter to the editor? Blah Blah


What's an athiest to do?I thought maybe I'd bring some bad fiction to toss on the pile. But that's still book burning.


Was also thinking about bringing a fire extinquisher and some fire place tongs to pluck the burning paper out of the fire.


No one should burn ANY book.


And when you pit "Christians" agaist "Islam" well, hey howdy! Let's ratchet it up.


Any suggestions?



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Ignore it. Obviously the whole point is to gain attention and cause controversy. And while books are about the closest thing I would hold to being sacred, they are not. They are just books. If someone wants to burn one then why does it matter if it is not your book or it is not part of a systematic suppression of knowledge? This affair is much ado about nothing, so ignoring it should be very easy. In fact, I am finding it difficult to pay it any attention.
I agree with Reggie.

By protesting it/ picking through the ashes you bring more attention to them, which is their main goal.
Wouldn't it be interesting to observe these Christians' response if Muslims showed up with bibles to burn. What happened to 'Do unto others.. .'?
I'll admit my first response was to ignore the whole mess and plant an extra row of winter veggies. I don't intend to be the organizer of any protest, (been there and have about 20 T-Shirts).

The international scrunity of my community and these religious nut jobs makes my skin crawl.
I guess it's really not my problem. And like most folk don't need any more of them.

Unless our Peace Community gets up somethin' somethin', I'm taking a pass on the "Christian" responses.

Oh Bejeesus!

Someone over at TPM suggested that Arabic-language bibles should be scattered about where they plan to do the burnings. Then tell them AFTER it's over what they've done and how they're going straight to HELL.
That is awesome. But would they care since it is Arabic? After all, the true Bible is written in God's own language; American! ;-)
I don't know what to do about it but it does make me mad. One reason I would hesitate to protest their Koran-burning is because I wouldn't want them to deliberately misconstrue my sentiments as support of Islam... like they're doing to Obama. What bothers me the most is that they're picking a fight with Muslims; they're deliberately trying to piss them off! They're playing really, really dangerous games... really stupid and dangerous games. And I suppose they get whatever comes to them. What I don't understand is what they think they'll accomplish. Is this their way of showing Muslims they are not welcome? Do they hope Muslims will take-a-hint and leave or stop trying to build mosques? Effing blind Christians don't even see that by targeting Islam and taking their right to freedom of religion away, they're taking their own away, too.
If the buy a Koran and want to burn it, that their right IMO. Honestly, as silly as the whole thing is, I'm really not bothered by it. Now, if they were to attempt the remove Korans from the local library and burn them, then I would have an issue. As it turns out, these idiots are doing far more harm to their cause than they could possibly realize.


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