Or maybe you should...what do you think?  We all have most likely experienced the discrimination, sideways glances, and hushed tones of those around us when we tell them "I am an Atheist."  Even people we respect, look up to, and love may treat us differently after they realize that we openly claim this title.


I'm not suggesting that we should bend our portrayal of personal beliefs, or [god forbid] lie about them.  I am simply questioning the act of defining ourselves by a title that is the negation of a view we do not adhere to.


Perhaps one could argue that we call ourselves atheist in acknowledgment of our difference from the norm, being theist.  I bring this argument up because it only exemplifies my point: By labeling ourselves in a manner which acknowledges the norm, are we not empowering that norm we do not identify with?


You don't like Star Trek.  Fine.  

You're not a Trekkie.  Also fine.

You're an Atrekkie?  ...Not so much.



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I really like that distinction...very intriguing!  Thanks for the comment!


 I think that from now on I'll describe myself as UnTarded. Probably get my ass kicked.

Lol funny, arrogant as hell, but funny
Has anyone mentioned "anti-theist" yet?
I believe you're the first. A little aggressive sounding though, don't you think?
I would alter that only slightly and say anti-theism. That suggests you're against the belief rather than the believer. I have entirely too many friends and family who are theist to be anti-theist. But have little problem with pointing out that I could be described as being anti-theism.


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