Hello to anyone reading this!

I'm not very good with introductory things, so I guess I'll start with the basics.


My name is Cathy. I'm 19. I live in Townsville, Australia (but hopefully not for much longer).


I'm studying Multimedia Journalism at James Cook University. I write opinion pieces for a local magazine called Mayhem.


I tend to be opinionated, especially about the lunacy of religion.


My favourite bands include (but aren't limited to): Nine Inch Nails, Bright Eyes, The Smiths, The Kooks and System of a Down.


I read a lot.

That's about it!




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Try adding the pineapple just before serving.  (Same for citrus fruits)


Hey, I may be a stoker, but I pay attention to other trades.  (Especially cooks. I LO-O-OVE to eat!)

Welcome to TA!

Wait, where's the pineapple?

And now you have set in motion a wave of events that has resulted in me opening a can of pineapple juice... Yum!

"I write opinion pieces for a local magazine called Mayhem." Great name! I can only imagine what kind of content you're cooking up...

The pineapple thing is a reference to Dylan Moran, but unfortunately no one seems to have gotten it yet... At least now I know who likes/dislikes/can't eat pineapples.


Pineapple juice is good!


I didn't think up the name, I just write for them. I've actually just written a piece about astrology and why it's bullshit... So yes, I'm sure you can imagine the content. :P

Ahh... I figured there must be a reason behind the pineapple thing.

Your article sounds like an interesting read. Is it available online at all?

Yeah, it's on my blog at the moment, and then I'll be out in the magazine in a few weeks.



Welcome to TA! ^_^


Thank you! :)

They do! They're playing in Australia in January, but I can't go. D:

Aloha Cathy, I am sending everyone my pineapple chicken tomato dish. This dish would cost me $4 to make at your home per portion. I normally compliment this dish with quality Japanese steam rice and daikon white miso soup. Enjoy!

Actually, that looks pretty tasty! Do you have a recipe?

Hello and Welcome :-)  I am fairly new here myself, but it seems like a great place to connect with like minded people.

Welcome to you, too. :)


You're right, it really does seem like a great place to meet like-minded people. Everyone is so nice.


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