This is a video about a blind person who was apparently able to see during her OBE and NDE.

It is a short video. Collected by Kenneth Ring, who advocates for souls, and afterlife. What do you think?

Note: people born blind at birth do not see in their dreams, so if this woman actually saw, it could mean something (maybe)

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We don't have souls.

I do like Soul Food.

I got the soul to cook caserole!

Violeta Babacan I invite you to have a séance with me. I charge $5000 and also could you pay for the pizza, 5 other people are coming to join us. It will be a special evening. We will do some soul searching. We will call forth souls, all interesting, some famous, some not so famous. Also one of the guests has "multiple split personality disorder". What he really does though is a gift to channel up different souls through his body.

Also could you bring some wine. Thanks!

We need a new fallacy named "Proof by Youtube Video." Think of any wacky idea and there's a video, or videos, claiming to prove it true. The Earth is hollow or flat. Bigfoot or the chupacabra or big cats wandering the hills of Great Britain. 

It's hardly a surprise that there are many videos out there supporting the idea of OBE's and NDE's. 

A scientist proposed a study that could prove OBE's of dying people. It involved fitting hospital rooms with a ledge in the area over the bed that had some sort of recognizable image or text on it that could only be seen from ceiling level. If the person claiming an OBE really was floating over their body, they should be able to report what was on that ledge.

Of course, there are ways of explaining OBE's as a phenomenon of the dying brain, but disproving them is impossible. About the only approach is to point out that they violate our scientific understanding of the world.

But let's grant the very unlikely, that a soul exists and floats over the body. How can it see without eyes? Can souls be colorblind? Is it the eternal soul of Western religions? 

You see, more questions are raised than answered.

A couple thoughts here:

Just because she is blind at birth does not necessarily mean that her eyes do not function. It may be some neurological impediment such that the impulses of the nerves aren't correctly perceived by the brain. If that is the case (we weren't told in the video, but she did say that she had no sense of visual perception), it is possible that those signals could at some point find their way to the parts of the brain responsible for deciphering those signals and she saw a flash of something. It may be possible that somehow in her state of near death and oxygen deprivation, some random connection was briefly made. If her eyes were malformed at birth such that they were unable to detect any light, then I would be more curious about her situation. 

If her story is true as she tells it, then one has to wonder why a person would trust the perceptions of a person who might possibly have head trauma and has a brain that is no longer getting any oxygen. One would think that those circumstances might alter one's senses. This is to say nothing of her memories of those perceptions, which is something that I don't hear discussed much. We assume that people's recollections in NDEs are trustworthy, but what if they aren't? What if the source of supposed NDEs is not a perceived experience, but one that created first as a memory? One could think of it as the brain booting from a backup if you will. It remembers its most immediate input even if a person was not consciously aware of those perceptions (seeing things when one is blind for instance) as a kind of start point, and the flash of light or feeling of warmth or what have you is actually a memory created as the brain starts to work again. We assume that since it is connected to death that it is an experience related to the process of death, but what if it is really an experience of coming back to life? That's all speculation of course. I have no way to know if that is true.

@the Hawk:

"We assume that people's recollections in NDEs are trustworthy, but what if they aren't?"

No "what if" about it.

Oh wait...just at this moment I'm floating above myself watching myself type this post.  So I must be having a NDE right now.  WOW this is tripy, I need another hit off that pipe. :)

It was a rhetorical question. ;)


But my NDE was for REAL. :)

@ Gregg – I think you will appreciate this - Sometimes when I was tripping I used to write down my “insights”. They were always “like way out amazing” at the time but the next day they had often lost their “wow factor” or sometimes were just nonsense. But I did get one printed on a t-shirt which read “There is no DOG so party on!” Gee…that was over 30 years ago….man!

Faaarrr  Oouuttttt.......MmmAaaNn........

My point was that she can't, what she says she "saw" was potentially not anything that was really there, as, she would imagine what seeing would be like and what things might "look like", but, there is no way to know what that was.

This is analogous to those evangelicals who "witnessed" the person "speaking in tongues".

The STORY might say "And they spoke perfect Chinese even though they didn't know ANY Chinese, its a miracle!

And then you ask the "witness" if THEY spoke Chinese, and, the answer, typically, is, "no, but you could tell it was Chinese".

If you ask how they knew it was perfect Chinese even though they know NO Chinese, they typically answer along the lines of "You know Chinese when you hear it, like on TV and in was just like that".

If you ask whether it was Mandarin or Cantonese, they typically do not know what you mean...and so forth.


So, here we have a person who SAYS they "saw"...but, we don't know what she experienced, and have no reason to believe what she saw, any more than we have reason to believe that people who can't tell Mandarin from Cantonese can reliably report on if someone ELSE was "speaking perfect Chinese".


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