The last time he came in here I threw him out and told him not to come back.

Well he came back and now he's dead.

Wasn't there a movie a while ago "All Dogs go to Heaven"?

So now the question is do Opossum get to go too?

Tomorrow I will have to open the floor and fix the bullet holes in the plumbing,  I think the nasty thing should go straight to HELL! 

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Kangaroo jackets is MURDER!!!

According to the gospel of possum, when a possum dies, it is actually just playing dead for all eternity.

You see, a possum just plays dead, but, is still alive, for all eternity.

They LOOK dead, they can be run over and flattened like a pancake, their brains and guts squished out, and, dry up, get smelly, eaten by flies, and their bodies completely destroyed and decayed...but, they are still alive.

They CAN fool you into THINKING they are dead...its how it works though, and, the Gospel of Possum explains quite clearly, that they are actually still alive.  They basically play possum for all eternity....looking dead, decaying and physically disappearing...but, its all an elaborate ruse...because POSSUMS LIVE FOREVER!!!

Oh, wait, no, that's a Christian, not a possum....I get them confused on that a lot.


"Oh, wait, no, that's a Christian, not a possum....I get them confused on that a lot.

LOL hahaha :)

Now that thar is funny and I don't care who you is.

I heard that when they are playing dead they release a vile gas to give the impression that they are actually dead. I think opossums do the same.

When I was religious and interested in Christian theology (in my teens), I learned that only souls go to heaven and that animals have no soul.

So there.

Perhaps humans are the only soul-less creatures made. I mean, six slow-killing bullet holes, come on!

A lot of Christian pet owners lose sleep over the idea that their deceased cat or dog won't greet them when they get to Heaven.

On the one hand, as soulless critters, dogs and cats don't get to go to Heaven, though apparently lions and lambs do, so that they can lay down together in peace and harmony. 

Do you still hear the lambs Clarisse?


Opossums are not part of the Animal Kingdom.  they are part of the UMF Kingdom and have no souls.  They do have some ugly looking guts. :)  Besides Pope there was no slow killing, it was a rapid fire event 8 bullets in under 2 seconds.  A very humane killing.

Besides I had warned him the last time he came into my house, and I'm a Man of my Word.  He got what he had coming, the Ugly Mother Fucker.

He has now disappeared so he must have gone to HELL.

P. S.  I'm still working on fixing my plumbing. :(

Greg, your racist racism and bigoted bigotry, though quite subtly stated, is none-the-less evident in every slur and insult against possum-kind. The world doesn't need yet another class of creatures who are objectified as non-people. Possums are a proud, self-reliant people with a rich culture that goes back thousands of years. To trash Possums is to discredit the empathy and sympathy that humans should have for all beings. When you insult Possums, you insult human-kind. Now go to Church, confess your sins and give penance and pray for the souls of all those Possums burning in the hellfire!


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