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here are the numbers for health insurance from my pay check...this is bi-weekly and it takes away every 2 weeks from my disposable income after taxes are taken out......for health fund $155 for vision $9 dental $20 and on top of that we have $2000 deductible. 

Medicaid recipient does not have to pay anything and has no deductible either and can go to ER anytime they want whereas a $60,000 earner would think twice.

another thing this article did not mention was that all medicaid recipients recieve cell phone minutes every month for free even if high by hillbilly standards and this how generational hillbilly's live. 

and i did not certainly understand your comment of indian standards. you sir have no idea about indian middle class. yes poor here have better than indian poor but middle class in india is better off. you need to live there to understand that. i have lived here and over in india and so can truthfully testify to this.


food stamps actually are one of the big causes of obesity in america as every survey shows people buy more junk food with them. just tune in to any media outlet and they will have moronic reporters trying to live off same money as food stamps and will buy junkiest food whereas they can just buy a sack of rice and some beans and cereals and live healthier. take that indian standard


Not to mention taking in to account most states now have 'to work' programs, where they require you to work ( at a job they find you ) 40 hours a week to receive benefits. So a person who can't find a job on their own will work 40 hours a week for $300 benefit monthly. Most news media sensationalizes the poor and the programs for the poor and the middle income to draw away from the real welfare- the real burden on middle America - the top 2% of this nation, agricultural welfare, corporate welfare.

sorry in most states you only have to show that u looked for a job and could not find any and i have seen a lot of people over the years and they come and ask you over and over again just to show they tried and get state funding.


the point of the article was to demonstrate how the middle class is being squeezed and we need to modify our welfare system to help people when in need and not be used to live on and be a burden to other people.

you did take medicaid as no income which i agree with but you did not on the same hand take money away for monthly expenses for the 60,000 earner like which i wrote above.

there are lot of other things i think this article does not take into account as the 529 plans for college for the kids, the amount of money a person saves is actually counted against them when they are seeking entrance into college and applying for scholarships and grants.

food stamps actually are one of the big causes of obesity in america as every survey shows people buy more junk food with them.

Provide data for that statement please.


just google is the first link i found

Did you read those papers? Like the part where is points out that "Thorough reviews of the scientific literature find no evidence that federal nutrition program participation causes obe.... In fact, some research finds that participation in federal nutrition programs greatly reduces the risk of overweight among food-insecure girls."


And, among the Federal Nutrition Programs included in their list is ... wait for it ... The Food Stamp program. Also WIC, school lunches, and more.


The data on the linked page states that food insecurity is linked to obesity, due in part to people with limited funds for food buying cheap, high-calorie food items (like junk food) in order to get as many calories as possible for their money. It does not state that people are buying junk food with food stamps, and in fact states that participation in the food stamp program reduces the chances of being overweight. In the case of food-insecure girls, by as much as 68%.

Furthermore, the data states that access to a Food Stamp program increases food security, which would decrease food insecurity and thus decrease obesity.


In fact, in the report on Obesity, Poverty and participation in the Nutrition Assistance Programs, the question was specifically asked: "Does a sound empirical basis exist for determining the relationship among overweight/obesity, poverty, and participation in the four major FNS food assistance programs—specifically the Food Stamp Program (FSP), the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP)?"


The answer: "the sparse research that has been published provides no consistent evidence of association and no evidence of a causal relationship between the four major FNS food assistance programs and overweight"


The closest any of the data came to supporting your point was that there was some association between the Food Stamp program and obesity/overweight, but that there was no evidence of causality, nor has any study adequately addressed issues such as selection bias and measurement issues. It certainly did not state that food stamps were one of the biggest causes of obesity in the US today.


If you are going to post links to data to support your claims, make sure that they actually support your claims, first.

i don't say they are the biggest cause of obesity but one that can be addressed easily....if u are going to get free money to buy food u will not be able to buy junk food and food high in empty calories......why do u think michelle obama is going after school lunches and u see programs on national television to address these issues now a days....

Medicaid isn't income - it's not paid to you, it's paid to physicians who accept a lower pay of services.

understand that but on the other hand the 60000 earner has to pay from his pocket or with his after tax money. so thats what the article is suggesting

I'm wondering where this is from, most adults in the state of PA do not qualify for Medicaid unless they are pregnant or terminally ill.  A wage of 30K for example woud most certainly be excluded from adult coverage.  There is also an extremely long waiting list for adult basic coverage, I know socialized healhcare is on the table but it isn't here yet.  My children are on subsidized insurance, basically Medicaid works with my employer's insurance and pays the premium only.  I pay deductibles and copays for visits and medication, I also pay the premium for myself and my husband which costs us nearly 300/month.  We do not qualify for food stamps.  Last year we made 30K together, we pay so this chart would be innacurate for us.   Part of the problem in my eyes is insurance, to cover my family it would cost me 500 a month and that's with a 2K deductible.  Kinda outrageous so yes we got help, but it's silly to me to think that making 60K a year is the same as making 30K.  My folks make 60K a year and take vacations, and go out to eat weekly! I can't afford those luxuries.


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