Detroit Area Coalition of Reason (Detroit CoR) Bus Displays Debut 3/1/10!

Our Detroit Area Coalition of Reason (Detroit CoR) message to the Detroit area reason based community, "Don't believe in God? You are not alone.", will be adorning Detroit area buses from March 1 - March 28, 2010!


Our message will be traveling as far north as Pontiac and Auburn Hills, as far west as Walled Lake, as far east as Troy and as far south as Downtown Detroit.


Please report sightings to me at,


Keep your cameras handy!

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Not to rain on anyones parade, but you know religious types are going to see a different meaning in "You are not alone."
Actually, that interpretation has come up surprisingly little with this particular billboard style. Far, far more often it's seen as 'a hateful attack on Christianity', which is far more bizarre.
All too often our actions are irrationally perverted into "persecution" by angry theists. Even when we deliberately get aggressive, to make, in context, relevant points, our arguments for doing so are quite valid and sensible. Anti-atheist bigotry is a huge problem. Combatting it is equally as important as reaching out to atheists.
Jean, the message isn't directed to, nor meant to be confrontational with, theists. The message is reaching out to local nonbelievers, especially those who feel isolated. We're providing locals with a one stop shopping place of local group descriptions and contacts, and a calendar of all the local events going on.

Last summer I worked with the Detroit Grassroots Atheism Project on the sidewalks of downtown Royal Oak, MI, a semi-urban, liberal leaning, suburb of Detroit, as an atheist point of contact with the public. I found it most rewarding to connect with atheists who felt alone. The joy and relief they expressed upon meeting other atheists, and proud to be, was quite inspiring. Here's a photo of us.

I come across this often at Detroit Atheists Meetup too. So many new members are so relieved to find people they can talk to about their atheist experience trials and tribulations. They are so appreciative of the support and friendship proud, outed atheists can give them.

I love being able to connect isolated atheists with atheist community!


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