Why is it that most people I have conversations with about God, don't even have a definition of what God is and what they believe in. I don't understand how they can believe in something so strongly and be so easily offended when those ideas are challenged. Or they have like a open minded belief of some kind of higher power that is even more vague. I think the new aged spiritual concepts are even more dishonest than the ones that are defined by the bible or some religion.

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I think the new aged spiritual concepts are even more dishonest than the ones that are defined by the bible or some religion.

At least in the sense of fundamentalists, I disagree, because the real problem is their blind adherence to dogma and/or an ultimate authority who they like to quote. (And quote, and quote, and re-quote.) This is where scripture becomes a tool that becomes used and then abused to isolate followers from outside realities.

Then why call it God, just say that there is so much we don't know

The word God is hammered into everyone (no matter their religion), from an early age, sort of like Santa Clause. The majority of people on the planet fall into religions that describe what God is, and what He wants, so that's the major discourse, even among atheists! (You'll often see a post expressing how evil or uncaring He is, neglecting to disclose that the God they're speaking of is purely hypothetical.)

And then conversely, the most contagious kind of religion is one that preaches omnipotent authority, making a positive feedback loop for beliefs in that one all-powerful being, most commonly spoken of as "God". The local preacher/authority reinforces it, from cradle to grave.

Above, I capitalized God, He, and Him on purpose. The word "God" is so embedded in history and language, that it's obvious why the word is capitalized.

Meanwhile, what about the words He and Him? They certainly saturate scripture. My question is -- speaking of what defines God -- is there anywhere in any scripture where God explicitly describes him/her/itself as male? Or does the assumption/presumption exist purely as a result of the males who wrote it or personally experienced "His" nature, somehow? (I should ask the Bible group here, at TA, if one exists that has the most focused activity.)

Its depressing isnt it ?

lol  :-(

I want to rust in peace, switch off and lie

In that great junk yard in the sky

lol ^_^ hehe

What part is 'depressing'?

I just leave it 'open', thinking that anyone one 'talking' about 'god', must know more than I do, and so should jump off the cliff first!

So far, it seems that all the 'talk' has generated an incredible amount, copy, cut trees, death, bad feelings, ignorance, the occasional deep insight & kindness, lots of nice art, elitist mind games, and rather nice free meals.

After all the ugliness for just about more generations than we can count, I would like to have a few thousand years of 'nice days', to clean the mess up, and not make things worse.

By all indications 'god' is a big 'something', he/she/it can take care of itself, without my out-gassing.

See, I have already said more than I intended.....


A supernatural entity claimed to be responsible for the existence of the universe 

It's an abstract concept that people try to make real. Of course they can't explain someting that doesn't exist.

An "eye in the sky" that makes people behave. 

An eye in the sky imagined and imposed onto people so they are forced to behave according to whims of the religio political elite.


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