What's the best definition of God that you guys can come up with or find?

I came up with this one: 

"God: a literary device (used mostly in fantasy) to bypass the laws of physics and nature in order to speed up the writing process." 
Modern Example: Eru from "The Silmarillion" by JRR Tolkien.
The traditional example you all know. 

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"god": common misspelling of "dog".


I am an agnostic insomniac dyslexic. I lay awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.

An imaginary entity that people mostly call upon when in need/distress. If the situation is resolved to their liking, they thank the imaginary entity but never blame it in case it doesn't.

Also used to explain thing they can't understand.

Some people have make believe conversations with this imaginary entity. Many pray to this entity, some regularly & some ocassionally, in the hope that the imaginary being will set the universe in their favor.

The make up & personality of this imaginary entity is different for different people, though most people divide themselves into groups called religions & each religion has it's own framework of this imaginary entity that it's followers build off of.

lol, this sounds like something that you would find in a journal of psychology in the 'delusion' section.  

That's quite accurate. LOL

Humm, maybe I should've studied psychology instead of CompSci

A product of human imagination with variable, and ultimately irreconcilable, human and supernatural attributes, created to help explain such questions as how the universe began, why we are here, etc., as well as fulfill an infantile need for an imaginary friend.

Universal skydaddy. Imaginary creature attributed with omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience and omnibenevolence. Historically caused humans who believe in it to surrender to helpless dependency, retreat in seclusion, become hostile to science and suspicious of education and more likely to succumb to sadism, war or killing in general.

The only one that is really true of course, Bob.

Right you are there Bob, feckin' aye!

Hello Bob, 

If you have different definitions for different gods, by all means please bring them on.


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