If one applies the principles of natural selection to the future development of religions, then one may postulate that any religion or sect that is quasi-supportive or tolerant of legitimate questioning and knowledge of other religions will tend to produce atheists and agnostics, and as has been demonstrated largely in the far Eastern cultures and considerable portions of Europe (and to a lesser degree, North America and other areas) that very phenomenon has been occurring, leading to the conclusion that the only religions that will persist into the future of our modern age will be especially fundamentalist, oppressive, resistant to social change, antagonistic to science and intolerant of other legacy beliefs. So, the question that I ask is how are we to deal with religion now and in the coming decades when it will likely become a concentrated collection of extremist groups that operate on the fundamental teachings of their ancient texts? As the rest of the world pushes towards greater secularity, the (not by any means necessarily insignificant in number) religious stragglers will become more and more threatened, and the teachings of many holy books have many violent and belligerent passages to incite against the heathen or the infidel etc (and that includes anyone, either of another faith or none at all.) 

(I haven't addressed the phenomenon of leaving an organized religion to dabble in the world of ~woo, but I don't know of any violent action perpetrated by followers of ~woo societies, so I'm considering them also among the 'others' who don't operate from fundamentalist beliefs.)

I welcome your alternate interpretations and methods of approach. 

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Oh, thanks for fixing that.

No, I haven't read that, but I may now; it presents and interesting solution, as the birth rate is a definite problem that is going to get addressed one way or another, either by positive action or natural consequence, and it would be good to find a mutually copacetic solution before it spells disastrous long-term effects for our planet and species. I've had a few ideas on the subject, but I wouldn't consider them popular, and that's for another discussion anyway I suppose.


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