So you are a non-theist, maybe you recently made this decision or maybe it has been a lifelong thought process that you have always had.

But there is a social problem: What about telling friends or family about your convictions?

How have you handled this- or do you just follow a don't ask don't tell policy to avoid the issue? Is it an issue or just tradition?

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For the same reason that I haven't told my grandmother. Even though you know there's no reason to believe in the fairy tale, she does, and you don't want to hurt her, even by association.
I've heard that one too, most recently from a fool bishop in England.
Right now I'm in a "won't lie if they ask, but I won't come out and spout it" stage. So far, no one's asked. The worst they assume, I'm guessing, is that I'm a backslidden Christian who doesn't go to church. In a way, I am more bothered by that assumption, because it makes me look bad. But since I'm anxious about debating and confrontations (just my personal nature), I avoid bringing things up that will definitely rattle the cages.

I know over time I will be more forthcoming. If I didn't work for a Christian company, I'd be much more public by now.


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