In one of the interminable threads that devolved into endless discussions of pedophilia a couple of months ago, I raised an academic question about whether those who were commenting could come up with a reason why pedophilia was "wrong" without relying on a Judeo-Christian cultural context.   The history, I argued, was that in Greece and to a lesser extent in Rome, pedophilia in some forms was culturally acceptable; only those pesky Christians managed to radically change the culture.

For me it was just an academic speculation, but apparently I was much closer than I had ever considered possible.

In a recent interview with the Times magazine, Richard Dawkins attempted to defend what he called “mild pedophilia,” which, he says, he personally experienced as a young child and does not believe causes “lasting harm.”

Dawkins went on to say that one of his former school masters “pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts,” and that to condemn this “mild touching up” as sexual abuse today would somehow be unfair.


Child welfare experts responded to Dawkins’ remarks with outrage — and concern over their effect on survivors of abuse.


I'm just curious what people think?   Even in the midst of the groping, fondling, and raping of kids, and hiding/covering up of the crimes which occurred among clergy of my faith, it was exceptionally rare that anyone actually tried to condone it as being harmless. 

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Gotta love this:

"I sometimes wondered why Simon was almost universally treated like a pariah. Over the last few days, I get it."

Yes, but ... you know. 

Regrettably, I do.

What's that red line in your graphic, Paynton? Are you just glad to see me? Sorry, I don't swing that way - not that there's anything wrong with that --

Geez, you guys are going to make me shoot myself! Again. (Next time I probably won't be so lucky, finding the right brain match for my body.)

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Things might brighten up more for everyone when they finally find my stash.

Yeah, I don't keep up with their soap operas, but I just read an article about a bishop complaining of the pope's liberal tone, so that may be a good sign.

Hidden compartment in the altar? You can tell me --

Hmm... "alter" or "altar"?

What you see, is what you get --

please guys, look into this one, the context is extremely twisted in order to join the words 'Dawkins' and 'pedophilia' together.

Dawkins is wrong on his views that "I would not judge that teacher by the standards of today" but that by no means points to a support for pedophilia in the past or present.  Nor does it say there is anything over the top about or standards today for this stuff.

Again, to make my point clear, the guy was wrong in his comment, but not that wrong, the context has been manipulated.


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