Countries that arent bound by religion for marriage in law

My partner and i have begin thinking about our future and we want a wedding, our country, cross religion marriage isnt allowed (this is effecting me as well even though i'm atheist by heart, religion status registered since i was born); so i'm thinking to get married outside of the country.


Sadly, i'm unable to find a list of countries that able to hold a wedding where religion doesnt take matter according to the country laws registration.


The reason is, i'm bound by islamic law even few nearby countries which able to hold cross marriage law are incapable to do it due they have islamic wedding registration too (ex : Singapore)


Any help will be great :) Preferably SEA country regions but just in case, other countries would be a great option addition.


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Religion isn't much of a deal in Korea or Japan. Not sure about their marriage laws, but I doubt it matters


You should think of the legal consequences though. Will your foreign interfaith marriage be recognized in your home country? Maybe not. If so, you could simply have some kind of commitment ceremony to declare your relationship to each other and your family/friends

yes, i've taken the issues of will foreign interfaith marriage recognized by law in my home country under consideration; For what i've seen..its recognizable with paperwork to be filled and process.


Japan would be a great idea, checking it out..thanks :)

Well not really in your area, but in Belgium, the official marriage is non religious. You first have to get married legally, by the state, after that a religious marriage is just optional for those who want it.

ahh thats a nice addition tho..cause i've been thinking about holland as well...since i have a relatives there...thanks :D


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