So the myth that autistic kids is just as prevalent as before, we just know more about it now...Is just that. A myth. Today according to the CDC about 1 in 70 kids have autism, and about 1 in 5 kids in the US have some sort of developmental brain impairment. That is STAGGERING!

Genetics are most definitely NOT the culprit according to epidemiologists. It's most definitely environmental, and may be in part due to genetics, but something is happening in our environment

It turns out there is the beginning of some evidence that may support this, at least in part.

Could it be as simple as needing to eat a healthy diet free from GMO's, drinking clean water, with a mostly plant based diet, and nursing our babies the way nature intended? Is that too simple of a solution to prevent autism?

I wonder.....

What do you think?

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Oh shit.

I checked what I wrote, it's wrong.

European milk is ultra high temperature pasteurized (UHT).  They still do sell lots of it at room temperature.  I was just wrong about how they sterilized it.

It can stay on the shelf for months, but once opened, does need to be refrigerated.

Some American milk is also UHT, but it just doesn't catch on here; people think milk that needs refrigeration is fresher (it probably isn't).

People who shame breastfeeding make me angry. I don't even have to say why, here, but I'm baffled by their lack of understanding or caring.

By the way, to give Mommy a break when she needed it (e.g. especially when she needed sleep), we did the pump and freeze routine so I could sometimes feed them.


Except, of course, in front of Donald Trump.

I deleted my post after Belle edited hers. By leaving yours up, you're just confusing people. 

Unseen I don't go around checking every post I made to see if the person I responded to took it down.

Genetics are sometimes a component. I'd err on the side of breastfeeding for both the immune system help and for the bonding which affects both mental and physical health. I think babies don't fully develop their own immunity system for six months or so, and get most of what they need from Mom's milk.

I think companies that supply GMO seeds can be evil, but I'm far from convinced that GMO food is harmful. We've been genetically modifying food for thousands of years just via breeding and crossbreeding. I'm more likely to fear processed food, not to mention fast food.

There is new thinking that autism is only being diagnosed more often than it used to be, and there is a range of autism in just about everyone. The genetic and epigenetic evolution that occurred in parallel with our social evolution probably happened so fast that nature didn't have time to optimize these changes, leaving us with some undesirable side effects. (See evolutionary medicine, if you're interested.) In fact some level of autism may have helped us develop technology as far back as when we first started making tools.

Belle, no I do not think so in the way you are talking about.

I think it is an auto immune dysfunction triggered by pollution. The pollution is environmental, medical (vaccines, especially the extenders, adjuncts used in them) and food chain. We are now exposed to alarming levels of heavy metals in air, water, food, medicines (used as preservatives). Metals in the digestive tract which forms some 70% of our immune system, destroy correct flora in the gut leaving little ones dangerously exposed. Breastfeeding does of course go a long way to a healthy gut in young ones and may help offset the risk of autism as a result. Given this the longer one breastfeeds the better, but being choosey about vaccines, how many, when and exactly what type would do more to help reduce the risk factors for autism. I believe that detoxing right after any vaccine can be a distinct advantage if principally targeted to removing metals. All four of our kids have had minimal vaccinations, and were all detoxed right after them so happily they are all nice and healthy.

As a midwife I am all for breastfeeding, there are so many pluses for it and frankly most of the arguments against are pathetic. Our children breastfed until they self weaned at ages variously between 2.5 and 3.5 years. This includes breastfeeding our first adopted two both of whom came to us with many health issues, physical and emotional. Breastfeeding them i strongly believe made them the very healthy kids physically they are now, but also emotionally.

I do think vaccines are a prime source of autism because in my job I see too many children turned into disasters post vaccinations for it to be co-incidence. I wish I could prove it, most of us midwives do but "the experts" will always find ways to disprove any links - they have vast financial resource behind them after all ! Sadly as more chemical get into us autism is going to continue to grow, as will other chronic problems with an auto immune (and inflammatory) factor such MS, FM, candidiasis, Lupus, endometriosis........ the list goe on.

It's the formula, and what's IN the formula and packaging that worries me. I think lack of proper nutrition is what has caused the epidemic. It is ABSOLUTELY environmental.

....Not to mention formula is loaded with sugar. And we wonder why we have obese toddlers.

I would imagine that the sugar is there to match the sugar content of breast milk. Breast milk is sweeter than cow milk.

The question would be whether it makes a difference whether the sugars are lactose or something else (whatever they dump into formula--ye gods, I hope it's not high fructose corn syrup!)

Whether it's lactose or not matters much less in young babies, unless they have a specific disease. Typical lactose intolerance comes later in life, after breastfeeding years.

As for how different sugars affect us, it's not always so simple. Even high fructose corn syrup (hfcs) has a low (i.e. healthier for most diabetics) glycemic index. There are other issues to consider, but they don't generalise to everyone, either. As I think Belle alludes to, the biggest reason it's dangerous is because it's cheaper for manufacturers. Here's what the FDA says about it.


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