Cincinnati's Archbishop "defends" Pope - and of course... my idiotic conservative town fails to raise hell over it!

Okay, now I'm mad. I'm beginning to hate the conservatives of my city of Cincinnati, OH more and more each day!!

I saw an article entitled "Archbishop of Cincinnati defends Pope in letter" on the front page of the Cincinnati newspaper, The Cincinnati Enquirer, two days ago. I was in a coffee house, so I had to suppress my impulse to go into a flaming rage and rip the paper to shreds or write all over the face of the evil Archbishop of Cincinnati. I will post a similar article from the online Cincinnati Enquirer on this discussion. But first I would like to note, that this is the SAME set of archbishops who banned Sister Louise Akers from teaching in any Catholic school in Cincinnati simply because she SAID that she personally thought that women should be able to be priests!! So, Archbishop, it's FINE for the Pope to conspire in the rapes of 300 children across Europe, but when one woman expresses her OPINION that the church should allow women preachers, THAT sanctions dismissal. Jeez!! I think the catholic church [not catholics, but the church as an institution] is becoming the axis of evil!!


Here's the link to the article about Sister Louise Aker's dismissal:


When another woman stood up for akers, she got blasted too:

And finally, the Archbishop defends the pope in a letter:

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I like your avatar. ^_^

You also have to remember that the church, like all churches, is a business.
If the pope's financial advisors calculate that it has come to the point where allowing women as priests will earn more money than it will cost them then he will have a "vision from God" and announce to the world that god has suddenly changed his mind on the subject.

We have seen this happen over and over. And obvious example is the requirement of having the mass said in Latin. This was getting too boring for people, so the made the financial decision to allow the mass to be held in local languages in order to keep the money coming in.
But Apple,
I think this goes WAY beyond that. YES the Catholic church is a business. It is the biggest church organization on the planet. However it REFUSES to acknowledge that it is a capitalistic, fiscally-oriented, OFFICIAL business! Maybe we wouldn't have such a problem if they would simply admit that they WERE a PRIVATE industry and stop avoiding their long-overdue taxation and regulation. However, like I said, it does go beyond even that!
Sister Akers made a statement that she "personally thought that the church should allow women to be priests." but when asked whether she was thinking of doing anything about it she said NO! She said that that was "in the hands of God." And so, what this means, is that she was fired for expressing her first amendment right to freedom of speech, DESPITE the fact that she had no intention of acting on her opinion.
Also... Yes, the church is a business... yet, when the corporate pig CEOS at Enron lied to the public about the fact that their company was dying fast and escaped with "golden parachutes," they were put on trial and were forced to be accountable for their actions. [All except one, who committed suicide before his trial could begin].
Certainly conspiring in the heinous defiling of 300 European children is FAR worse than financial fraud!!
We barbequed the Enron executives.... but here's a point worth noting...
has ANYONE actually brought the Pope accountalbe for his crimes?


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