Church or jail for first-time non-violent offenders in Alabama

Given that it's Alabama after all and Bay Minette Police Chief Michael Rowland was all set to give first-time, non-violent offenders the choice of jail and a fine, or attending church for a year.  Short of skipping town and state what would be your choice?  It's an interesting dichotomy that seems to equate jail time to church time and I have no problem relating the two.  Of course jails and prisons in America are over run with Christians and Moslems so it would actually be hell to me.

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I'd probably go to the church and spend the time reading The God Delusion 

My main problem with this approach is my inability to tune out bullshit of any form; however, it would be a kick to see the reaction of the normal bible-pounder when they realize the book I'm reading is not their global and society operator's manual.  It would be well to remember that violent reaction to perceived blasphemy isn't the sole property of those from the other major followers of doG or la-la.

The firewall that the writers and signers of our Constitution erected has long been under assault by the religious mob in America.  Fair warning, if the election disaster of 2010 is repeated and more of that holy-roller Tea-stained mob, and it will take only a slight increase in seats, separation of church and state will be history as soon as those un-American simple-minded, idiotic bible-pounders can get-r-done; to use a simpleton vernacular they're sure to understand.

And no one really understood what all that kneeling in mass was all about until priestly sexual abuse was exposed for its ubiquitous nature; wonder who started the tradition of kneeling before the holy men?????

I'm referring only to the Catholic culture since from Priest to Bishop and higher they went to all sorts of measures and contortions to preserve the altar boy good times, even after they'd been exposed as the pedophiles a great many (one is more than too many) of them certainly are and so remain.


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