Church or jail for first-time non-violent offenders in Alabama

Given that it's Alabama after all and Bay Minette Police Chief Michael Rowland was all set to give first-time, non-violent offenders the choice of jail and a fine, or attending church for a year.  Short of skipping town and state what would be your choice?  It's an interesting dichotomy that seems to equate jail time to church time and I have no problem relating the two.  Of course jails and prisons in America are over run with Christians and Moslems so it would actually be hell to me.

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What if the offender opted for church and used every opportunity to question and argue with the preacher, how would that work out?

Maybe back to jail for being a trouble-maker; that would be my fate for sure as I would assail every true-believer; however, I would bet there's an equal number of true-believers in either of the two institutions of correction.

Thats disgusting Ken! I would honestly choose church though. Im not afraid of it or anything.

I for one would find the choice for the house of bible-pounders very easy as any church would have to be more benign than any jail.  However, there are those cults that regiment its followers as strictly as any jail and especially for the women therein.  I would find either unbearable; however, as I obey the law in any case the choice would not be mine to make even if I was in Alabama.


Hey, where are ya' going to get in touch with Susan and make a meeting with the Freethinkers of Fort Worth, or meet with the Denton Atheist at Banters in downtown Denton this Sunday @ 1230?  Nolan, Jesse and I will be there, come on up!

I honestly think the church would be more beneficial ... prisons aren't really there to treat people nicely or teach them values and morals.   


Christian churches at least say SOME decent things if they cherry pick verses.  

I saw this too. What about people that already go to church. Do they just get free pass.

This was also in Nelson’s Sunday school from this last week. I think there are some posts about this in that thread also.

Great point, and you're the first I've heard to ask that.

I find it humorous that even the religious think that Church is like prison.

Chief Rowland will probably get a lot of bad PR for this, especially if someone decides to sue for religious persecution - no mosques or synagogues in that town, so I've read.

Aye that, as well he should, and the ACLU is already on his trail and for that matter have been for some time.  This action is just another in a long list of symptoms related to his religion.

I'd take a few hours of church per week over a full-time year of prison full of mostly-religious, hostile mix of criminals.

As much as I detest any church-full of bible-pounders, they are by and large easy to ignore and essentially harmless in the US, so I'm fully on board with you in that regard.


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