Is it true that Christopher Columbus got the idea that the Earth was round and not flat from the Bible?

Also, what verses talk about the Earth being flat and which talk about the Earth being round?

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Have a look at Capella's Guide to Atheism at  where references to the bible re a flat earth are explained. Some of the verses are somewhat obtuse and subject to interpretation (as are so many other verses) but yes a flat earth is suggested in Isaiah 40.22 as well as in the Qu'ran Surah 15.19. Goes to prove that the Bible is written by man and not 'inspired by God' who is rumored to be omniscient.

I assume you are referring to the Christina Bible, if so, this issue, just like every other issue the bible touches is vague and debatable. Biblical inerrantists (A.K.A. apologetics) will argue that the versus in the bible should not be taken literally -- the tried and true way religious fundamentalists use their "sacred texts" to satisfy their own needs. 


I found an interesting article that might help to explain more about your question. 


Nobody got "the idea that the Earth was round and not flat" from the Bible.


Everyone learned in Columbus's day knew the Earth was round, and had an idea of its size (hell, the ancient Greeks calculated it). Columbus simply proposed an (incorrect) estimation of the circumference, by which he thought he could reach India. He was incredibly wrong, and was lucky that there was an entire continent in his way to India.


Columbus died thinking he'd landed in India. Poor deluded fool.




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