I kept thinking how to make a title that stood out, hence I did the dots.

Hey I'm Israel

I'm somewhat new. Actually, I'm re-introducing myself. I haven't posted much in 2 years and I'm back. 

Things I like:

God, philosophy, family and friends, video games, internetz, and basketball.

I'm more on the introverted side and I'm here for social reasons.

Tthanks for reading. =]

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Careful not to search too heavily for real answers? Afraid you might change your mind?

Slater was great in Heathers.  Bale kicked butt in American Psycho.  Doppler invented TV weather forecasts, didn't he?

What about answers? Do you like them too? :-)

Yup, you do know you came off as "pushy" by asking me that right?

Ok...what is your answer then?

I said, "yup" in my previous post.

So, my answer was "yes." I like answers too.

I find it amazing that you were able to speak with the Creator of the Universe and that He planted a thought in someone’s mind to make them go and sit beside you. Do you think He knew 13.8 billion years ago that he was going to do that or did He not know until you asked Him?

I'm free to talk to usually when I'm on here. Were you hoping to discuss God and atheism or something else? If the former, do you prefer logical, scientific, or ethical arguments?

How likely do you think it is that the entire cosmos was created by a sorcerer? I'm referring to that universe-out-of-his-hat guy, the legendary Yahweh. I think that it just happened is a far better explanation than that some guy we call God did it all on his lonesome.

Let Israel set his own pace and put forth his own questions.  It would be interesting to read what's on his mind.

Hey Israel, welcome. Feel free to comment on or open up any topic that grabs you. Since you've been here before, I suspect you're prepared to be in a minority position at times. You may even occasionally get some hostile-seeming responses, but by and large I'm sure it'll be interesting and fun.

Opening thought: I know many christians who feel their christianity defines them. I perceive that, as an extension of that mind set, they perceive atheists as being defined by their atheism. I personally do not define myself myself as an atheist, but rather atheism is one of many positions I hold as part of my outlook on the world. 

Your thoughts?

Israel, do you believe you will become immortal?


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