I kept thinking how to make a title that stood out, hence I did the dots.

Hey I'm Israel

I'm somewhat new. Actually, I'm re-introducing myself. I haven't posted much in 2 years and I'm back. 

Things I like:

God, philosophy, family and friends, video games, internetz, and basketball.

I'm more on the introverted side and I'm here for social reasons.

Tthanks for reading. =]

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I like questions. Thanks

Great! I'm looking forward to your answers. I hope you answer instead of dodge and run like most theists do when they come here. I hope you're different.

Belle, what's the color of my eyes?

They look brown from here. What does the voice of God sound like?

You don't know what color my eyes, do you? I never heard God's voice. I don't know.

Then how do you know that when you pray you're not just talking to yourself?

Can you please answer my question? I asked... you don't know what color my eyes are, do you?

To make sure were on the same page... When does someone "know" something according to you?

Of course I don't know what color your eyes are. How is that even relevant?

It is not usually wise to say you "know" something to be "true" unless you have thoroughly informed yourself, removed all bias, been willing to hold it up to scrutiny, (and not only by people who already believe it, that would be a confirmation bias).... And above all, being willing to change your mind in the face of new evidence. Would you say that you fit that description yourself? "Knowing" anything can change when we learn more. It is man's curiosity that has led to every scientific discovery that allows you to live the life that you do. It is because men and women dared to ask questions and search for the answers that led to more questions and so on. Knowledge evolves too :)

Maybe someone could have faith that your eyes are a specific color. That is what faith is – believing in something without proof because someone has taken what they have been told for granted.

I would remain a disbeliever until I got some evidence. If different people independently verified the color that would be a start. That would be the start of objective evidence. There is no evidence for God, except for how they see the subjective and unverified experiences that go on in their own brains. You have no evidence you can show us. You cannot demonstrate to us anything you "know" about your god.

Yes. Deep or high? American accent or British or maybe even Canadian. ("Thou shalt not steal...eh?")

Christians who like questions... dangerous combination you're working with there, buster. I used to be Catholic. Then, one day at church when I was 15, I asked a question. Today I'm not Catholic. Careful.

Its part of my personality and I'm a careful person by nature.


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