I checked with Reg before posting this, but if any mods feel it's contrary to house rules, I understand if it needs to be deleted.

I've been a member here for more than a year, though I don't post often. I mostly read the "Sunday School" links, but I've appreciated the thoughtful and civil conversation the few times I've jumped into a thread with a Christian perspective. I'm a part-time Christian blogger and podcaster, and I've wanted for some time to do a debate/discussion video series with folks coming from different perspectives. Sort of a "2am at college"-style informal debate where both sides can respectfully discuss disagreements. I finally have time to put something like that together and TA came to mind because of the quality of discussion here.

I want to invite anyone who is interested to join me in a recorded debate/discussion via Skype which I would then post to YouTube. I'd also post the link here for discussion, if anyone wanted. Ideally, the video would include a split-screen webcam view of both of us, since that's more interesting to watch, but it's fine if you would rather stay anonymous.

The format I have in mind is that we pick a general topic and each come up with a couple questions to get the conversation started. We share the questions ahead of time so it's not gotcha stuff. Then we schedule a Skype call and talk about your questions and then mine, or vice versa. Some topics might work better with a different format -- I'm not wedded to that exact approach. 

Here's my YouTube channel, though it doesn't have much there at this point. If you are interested in this, let me know at david@davidvogel.net. My blog is at davidvogel.net. (I share it for informational rather than self-promotional purposes, as I'm pretty sure none of you will be interested in becoming regular readers. :-) [Though I do welcome constructive criticism.])

Possible topic ideas:

* Christian vs. atheist understanding of morality
* Evidence for God's existence
* Historicity of the Bible
* Possibility of miracles
* Anything else you want to talk about

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Mods are fine with your post. If you can persuade Reg to participate in your YouTube effort, I'd even look forward to watching :)

Thanks, Strega. :-) 

I totally agree with Strega, I'd LOVE to see the REAL Fronkey Farmer in action! Haha!!!

@Belle Rose:

"I'd LOVE to see the REAL Fronkey Farmer in action!"

Trust me Belle you don't want to see that, the disgusting things that have to be done to get the Fronkeys to breed with each other will keep you up at night.  I had to have a frontal lobotomy just to be able to keep my meals down. :) 

@Gregg – I would sooner have a full bottle in front of me than a full frontal lobotomy.

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! lmfao

@Reg, somewhat ironically, the first time I heard (read) that quote on line, the poster was one of those people who confuse 'than' and 'then'. Double amusement :)

They probably only had less then half a bottle left than:-)


Damn Grammmer ;) Nazis.


Ohhhh...now you tell me. :(

I'd be a watcher as well.

The civil discourse here is a definite plus.

Reviewing each other's questions ahead of time to avoid "gotchas" is nice too, except, frankly, the discourse behind the scenes to go over the "gotchas" might be the most interesting part.



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