walk me through the answers of these questions plz:

1-how did the first male and female human beings appeared?

2-is there moses, jesus, mohammed _peace be upon him_??

3-why are we on earth ? what is the purpose of living??

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so who ever created is the sole GOD and even if his attributes are not accepted by you, this doesnt change him being your GOD,and you his slave without being ashamed of the word slave because ALL others are also his "slaves" so you are equal to all other people on this

thanks for your valuable comment . yes you are exactly a slave, can you control anything in your life, your parents,your birthday, your features,your DNA, your death. believe it or not you cannot laugh from your heart yourself GOD makes you laugh even if you dont want to laugh , you cannot cry yourself GOD makes you cry when HE wants and now you are upset with me calling you GOD's slave !! its an honor and i hope it remains for me 

so if i'm god's salve and he controls everything even my laughter and my shit .. why will he punish us? .. why will he send us to hell?

we don't control anything and he does. that makes him the one to blame for our disbelieve and not us .. he is the one in control of everything.

answer honestly , does GOD really control you laughter ? OR are you in full control of your laughter and crying ?

KM-God's little hand puppet?

One more reason to snip the cords.

So we are God's slaves. That's true even if he gave us free will (something which I think is a myth). You see, how free are you in a game where you haven't agreed to the rules? The way you describe us is as His playthings, his chattels, his slaves.

yes he gave you the option to obey him or disobey him , you havent set the rules because you are in his universe and in his universe his rules apply . yes we are his playthings BUT we are the playthings of a glorious mighty god worthy of worshiping , he doesnt want a lot and he rewards very generously those who believe in him. in my opinion its a very good deal . just try and see for yourself how much happier you will be by accepting GOD. by the way i will not gain anything by you believing in god or suffer anything by you not believing in god but i know how better your life would be having god and looking forward to please him and feel obligated to tell you the correct path. in the past i was not paying attention to religion in my life but after i gave religion a chance everything just becomes better , you see a purpose , you see a meaning , you see a motive to be good and a discouragement to be bad .

There's almost too much horseshit there to deal with.

You appear to be confirming that he made us into slavery. You acknowledge so because we have no choice but to live by his rules in his game.

You don't feel you're foolish worshipping a god who created this place? Sure, some shit people bring down on themselves, but what about earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes and other phenomena of nature? Should I worship him in the hope that he'll cut back a bit on the natural disasters?

My life would not be better if it had me spouting drivel like you do among people who understand just what foolishness you're propagating. Especially since it's a waste of time here.

You are brainwashed beyond any help, and it's obvious that your intelligence is very limited to begin with. Reading any of your posts is like being bukkaked with stupid. At this point you are clearly just proselytizing. Frankly I don't know why the other members are still so nice to you. 

You got one thing right. You are a "slave." You are a slave to your lack of intellect, which made you an easy victim for religion. I'd ask you to end your life and the lives of all that are close to you, but sadly you'd only do that for "god."

Have a nice day, worthless minion.

A few years ago a local retired minister suggested that, 'If you believe, your brain would work better.' I thought this rather odd, since see latter she showed signs of mental disability.

The reality is that theists, like used car salesmen/salespersons will promise anything to get thier junk out of the lot!

'..but after i gave religion a chance everything just becomes better , you see a purpose , you see a meaning , you see a motive to be good and a discouragement to be bad .'

I find this quote to be about the same. 'Purpose', 'Meaning', 'Motive', are personal qualities that humans can create. Religion is only one option, if you want an ideology to do the work for you. Once I stopped my obcessive involvement in religion, my life seems to have improved. I stopped appealing to a religious authority, that gave mixed messages. I focused onto problems, and took responsibilty for my life. Being 'good' was now about thinking about 'the good', trying to learn about that value, and acting upon it as best as I can. Worrying about hell, damnation, and promotion, was replaced with valuing life, evolving my compassion, and being helpful/useful. I focused upon LIFE, not death!

The dead end process of religious promotion, needs to be replaced by humanistic engagement in problem solving. While the better part of you is distracted with religious argumentation/rationalizations, you neglect human creativity that can make life better for all of us.   

u considering yourself a slave doesn't make me a slave as well , that's only in your mind.

it's fine by me if u believe in a god who enslaves you as long as it makes u feel better.

but when u try to shove this idea into my head and try forcing me to believe in your god and live according to your terms that's something i'll never tolerate.

if u try to threaten me and say i deserve to die because i don't pray or i don't believe in your religion any more that's something i don't tolerate.

how can your god say that we have a choice when actually we don't. i didn't choose to be a muslim, i was born like that.and your god says if any one leaves Islam you must kill him .. what kind of free will is that??

what kind of god allows the killing and murdering of each other and rewards the killers for it?

do u know how many people have died because of your god, do u know that even those who witnessed your muhammad miracles and lived with him , and believed in him have killed each other because of your god.

don't tell me about your god and your religion because i know it very well and it seems like you are the one who doesn't know .

you are thinking of a suffering slave working in Texas in the 17 century, i didnt mean this slave , i meant a happy slave ( i am a happy slave and not ashamed ) and at the end if HE created you then you belong to him 100%. may be you know more about my religion , so what ? you dont judge the religion you only make sure it stems from the creator. like a soldier in an army doesnt discuss the order of his generals he just makes sure that his order has the generals seal on it , the soldier doesnt know the situation on the other fronts of the war, the general knows and the soldier trusts that his general want to win the war , so he executes the orders . this is how it works. So if you trust GOD you just execute his religion , if it says something you shouldnt disobey it . frankly speaking i dont know what conditions should be fulfilled to kill someone who leaves islam BUT for sure these conditions are tough and he has to take at least some time to think it over and over and over and discuss about it  . NO killers are rewarded , no one is allowed to kill anyone , dont just trough accusations that GOD allows innocent poeple killed. and dont focus the details of the religion focus on the origin of it , is it from GOD then OK , is it not from God then simply ignore 


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