I am compiling a list of books I want to read over the next year. I thought it would be fun to collaborate and learn from each other about this. 

What books are you currently reading or want to read soon?

What are your favorite books? (all genres)

And of course....do you know of any "deals" to watch out for, especially anything that would save money (besides the library, duh!)


I'll start...next up for me: http://www.burrus.com/flash-foresight-by-daniel-burrus/

Flash Foresight by Daniel Burrus...I gotta have that book, lol!

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I've got lined up "Evolution: the human story" by Dr Alice Roberts, and "The Neuroscience of Fair Play: why we (usually) follow the Golden Rule" by Donald W Pfaff PhD. 



I regularly purchase used books at a fraction of the new book cost. And oftentimes they are not used even though listed as such.

Currently reading: Honeybee Democracy -a study of bee social structure & decision making

                             Phylloxera -How Wine Was Saved For The World

Unlocked: An Oral History of Haden's Syndrome (amazing read).

Cain by Saramago (even though it's old it should be a MUST for atheists).

As for a great read, I love those 18th century English novels like "Tom Jones", "Joseph Andrews" and "Vanity Fair".  They're such fun.  Are you a jolly dog? 

Stuck in the 70's.

Just re read "The Hobbit" and then I had to read the other three, The fellowship of the ring, The Two Towers, The Return of The King. Never read them. Once I saw the movies it was all pretty much Peter Kings vision of middle earth and not my imaginations. Legalas looked exactly like Orlando Blume to me now.

Finished "A Theory of Everything" by Stephan Hawkings. Can we unite quantum and relativity already!

Now looking to start "The Science of Evil" by Simon Baron-Cohen (on empathy and the origins of cruelty).

Blink is a book I am nearly finished. It looks at how and why we make snap judgements.

He is such a good Author...I read "Outliers" and it's changed my view on a lot of things...good times :)

I may read that soon. The Tipping Point is also worth a place on the list. I have featured this book by Charlie Hebdo's editor in tomorrow's Sunday School. He finished it 2 days before members of the religion of peace murdered him.

I am still stuck in the 19th century. I am reading Supernatural religion: an inquiry into the reality of divine revelation by Walter Richard Cassels

Traumatic Narcissism: Relational Systems of Subjugation

It's an expensive book for under 200 pages (so I'll just rent it), but highly rated by psych professionals. It delve into how narcissists victimize people, how they might pass their dysfunction on to family (think spousal or child abuse), or use it to insure that cult members depend on them solely for personal validation.

I listened to the author in an interview podcast while I was in bed, expecting to be bored into sleep (because sometimes the interviewer gives woo too much air time), but this one was so interesting it kept me wide awake.

An interesting thing I have found is that not all narcissists are horrible people.  Some of them can be quite nice.  Does "narcissist" equate with "psychopath"?  People who can't connect with others and consequently have no emotional empathy.  Some narcissists have extra empathy because they need to judge the intentions of others, since they have been so abused in the past. 

Does "narcissist" equate with "psychopath"?

No, and he talks about that.


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