I just watched a documentary on Netflix about the James Webb space telescope which will launch in 2018 and give us a view 100 times better than the Hubble.


The documentary shows hundreds of millions of galaxies on film as taken from the Hubble.  These are real galaxies.  The light alone takes millions of years to get here.  After my mind was blown for a whole day thinking about the enormous scope of the cosmos, I was wondering how Christians couldn't help but ask:

1) Isn't it beyond silly to think that the universe is only 6,000 years old?  

2) If god made the cosmos 6000 years ago with the light already in route so it appears older, why would anybody want to believe in a god who tries to trick us?

3) Given the billions and billions of galaxies, how could we possibly be special in the universe?

4) Why would god not tell us all about the enormity of the cosmos in the dusty old bible? I mean, it seems pretty important to mention that zillions of planets and stars dwarf our little Earth.

5) With such vast enormity of matter and physics, how could god possibly care what certain people do in the bedroom?

6) When the James Webb Telescope brings back the first images of things we can't even imagine, doesn't it seem like it is only a matter of time until Christians deem the fable of the bible not even remotely plausible?

It's just so bizarre how the christians keep twisting and dodging to prove their fable true by creating new excuses for the advancement of knowledge.

Long story short, I can't wait to see the James Webb in action!!!!

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We are talking about a bearded man in the sky who spies on our thoughts, loves you unconditionally and will torture you forever if you snub him. Oh and he is obsessed with your genitals and what happens with them.

Where does logic come in here? A gazillion stars? Meh. Laws of physics, geology, genetics, other smart stuff? Pfff. Dinosaur bones? Lalalalalala...I'm not listening I'm not listening.

When you are talking about a sky-God and his zombie child believers...common sense is one option of many.

That is gonna be one pissar telescope.

How many quips could a couple dozen atheists compose in twenty four hours? Hundreds? Thousands?

Dictatorships did not get to be dictatorships by encouraging their prisoners to question.

I really think it should be named the William Herschel--he discovered infrared.

James Webb is intended for use in the infrared wavelengths.  That's what's needed for those distant galaxies, whose light has all been red-shifted completely out of the visible spectrum. 

(Hubble can see some infrared, but it's not optimized for it, AND it's a smaller mirror (less light gathering power) in any case.  It's an awesome instrument and has done some awesome things...one of which was indicating what direction we should go with our next telescope.)

They can run but they can't hide. 

Information of the internet is coming for them.


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