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I am considering moving to the United States. I've had an offer of employment from a company that I do occasional consulting for, and they support telecommuting, which means I can choose where to go and live in the US.


My sister lives in Pennsylvania, so something along the eastern seaboard would be first prize.


My wife and I have two small children (3 and 6), so our concerns are both around what is a reasonable place for us to live as atheists, as well as where can we live that won't discriminate against our children because we are unbelievers.


We are thinking of Vermont, although in the back of my head I also have Austin Texas (home of the ACA), as well as San Francisco or Seattle (if we can't find anything we like in the east.


Any ideas, feedback, comments, advice would be most appreciated.




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definitively not Arkansas it is almost as hateful as Texas  my suggestion would be somewhere on the west coast i have a lot of atheist friends up in Washington state at least where their at there is almost no hate towards atheists  


Stay far away from Georgia (including Atlanta) unless you place a lot of value on steamy summers and mild winters.

Get thee to San Francisco!  It is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city, with people from everywhere in the world.  More restaurants per capita than any other place in the U.S.  A tolerant, open, cultured city, though it is expensive for housing.  You won't be bothered for being atheists there.  Good luck, and welcome to our struggling nation.

If you want to be close to PA, then Maryland isn't a bad choice. It is very regional though. The rural areas seem much more religious and conservative. The best religion-wise, in the East would probably be New England though.

Keep in mind the US is a big place. If your sister is in Pennsylvania why not consider Pennsylvania? It's not a bad place to live.

Maryland!!!!  Baltimore and the surrounding area is VERY friendly towards atheists.  Many of my facebook friends know I'm a hardcore atheist and some of them like to try to debate with me and they are friendly about it.  


Also, I am the pianist for a Lutheran Church and they know I am an Atheist and love me anyway and they DO NOT ever try to convert me or proselytize to me.  


And it's close to Penn.

Dustin, Maryland, huh? Where exactly in MD? Morgan and I are in Annapolis. We need to have a meet-up soon I think :) We did one after the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC... which was insane lol. Sooo crowded!

I haven't been in MD long enough to get a real feel for how people here are towards atheists. I guess those I've told haven't had a bad reaction. It seems like I always overhear some religious discussions in the background though. I wish it was okay to just turn around and chime in!

I just prefer the west coast <3 Both areas are expensive, but I'd feel like I was getting my money's worth in WA or OR... or Cali. It's so breathtaking and, like I said earlier, CLEAN! ('cept LA, but that's its own thing)

Yeah, we definitely need to get some atheist stuff going in Maryland.  I want to be active so badly, but need to wait a couple more months before I have financial stability with my business.  


I live in a place called Sparks, MD - 30 minutes from Baltimore and about 75 - 90 minutes from Annapolis.

I get goosebumps every time I think about the creator of this amazing site living only an hour from me lol - For me at least, I do chime in sometimes, you know ... if they are doing it in a public library near where I'm doing work ... trying to convert young children to be 'followers of Christ', then I'll definitely speak my mind, but other than that I think it is pretty safe to not be religious here.  


I even spoke my mind about religion at a family gathering where one of the friends of the family was a pastor at a liberal church near my house and he even asked me if I could play the organ for his church ...after I chatted with him a bit about my views on religion.  I'm so shocked every time I hear about what some members of this forum have to go through in their families and their states.  I think maryland is a great place to live for an Atheist.

oh yeah, Robert Karp lives in Maryland too, near Baltimore.  I believe James up above in the comments also lives in Maryland?  That's a lot of Think Atheist members that could start something serious and meaningful!  :)

Yup, I'm to the west in Hagerstown, MD. :)

Seattle!  Of course, I'm biased because I'm lucky enough to live here.  :D  But really, I've lived in many places around the world, and since I *have* to live in the United States, I'm glad I live here.


Portland is pretty cool too though, I lived there for a couple of years.  But there is no water, so that's kind of a downside.  The great thing about Seattle is the Puget Sound.


But I love Washington State so much, I'm actually planning on getting a masters degree (someday, I have to get my BA first) in Washington State history.  It really is an amazing place, with beautiful (and unique) scenery, LOTS to do, and a lot of history.


Where are you moving from?

I'm moving from Cape Town South Africa


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