Bad news regarding the American presidential election

1. Trump has more minority support than you might suppose (read here)

American minorities tend to be Christian and unemployed and they see the GOP as more family-oriented, more supportive of Christianity, and in the case of Trump probably more able to improve their job situation. 

2. Trump will most likely be the GOP candidate (read here)

It's simply becoming obvious that Trump will be the GOP's entry in the 2016 presidential race.

3. A Bernie Sanders candidacy would likely result in a GOP win, so they are laying off him and concentrating on helping him get Hillary out of the way (read here and here)

Basically, the GOP strategy is to try to get Clinton out of the way in order to be able to run against the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Socialism in the US is down there with pedophilia and atheism in terms of disregard. 

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So you're saying that even if you can't afford to buy food or get lodging, at least you can get high?


"So you're saying that even if you can't afford to buy food or get lodging, at least you can get high?"

wait a second, will I still be able to afford munchies?  Because when I get high I NEED MY MUNCHIES!!!

What?? Are you sure about that? I will have to check it out! Yaay!!


"That if I yell for help I get 20 able bodied men at my service in a matter of seconds."

Kinky. :)

Yah, your mind would go there wouldnt it, lol

Ah, it really depends.

If you live in a neighborhood where you can hear a yell, people will come over.

In some cities, its so noisy, you can't hear anything at all, except for the noise.  :)

The apartments I lived in, we all pitched in if someone needed help, or just toilet paper or a quart of milk, etc.  A heard a downstairs neighbor fighting with his wife, and went down and broke it up...another one's kid ended up living with me for ~ 7 years.

In condo and then house, same thing, if someone yells, or we see them fall, we run over.

Even in the middle class neighborhood I live in now, a neighbor might shovel a few extra walks, help with some trees, ask if you want some left over XYZ, call if someone has been sick, etc.

If you are in an inner city settlement where there are shootings and so forth, yeah, people MIGHT hide, or join a neighborhood watch, and patrol the neighborhood and gang up on the gangs, etc.

You can't really tell what an entire ~ 3,000 mile wide country acts like...its too varied.



"another one's kid ended up living with me for ~ 7 years."

that's a bit much, a cup of sugar I'd be OK with.


It wasn't like he signed a lease or adoption agreement.  He was outside in shorts, in the snow, and looked cold, so I asked if he wanted some hot chocolate.

He just kept coming to the door when he was locked out/his parents were fighting, he was hungry, etc.  After a while, he'd fall we'd cover him...and the next morning we eat breakfast, and so forth, he needed cloths, having a bed for him made things easier, he needed stuff for school, and essentially stopped going home...and 7 years went by.

His real dad met him for the first time about then, and his step mom had been living with some other he was not EITHER parent's kid when we met him.

We have no idea who his real mom is.  His real dad was friendly for a few years and then disappeared, again.  He moved in with 'his sister" when she got married...essentially, there were ~ 9 people in that apartment, and not a single one of them had the same last name.

He's married with kids now.


@Unseen - a bet is a bet so I am now eating my hat.. elephant hat that is no longer in the room!!


I think Bernie is a de facto atheist, and that is something you can't be and win the presidency in the United States.
I'm not being critical of him, nor am I atheist-baiting. I'm simply stating a practical and pragmatic fact.
Theism is the belief in a personal deity. God as a person. A being. And a being with personal traits.
When Bernie talks about religion, he talks some sort of pantheistic "we're all connected" mumbo-jumbo that doesn't add up to any sort of theism.
And if you don't believe in a theistic deity, you're an atheist as far as the average person is concerned, even if you have some sort of new agey, pantheistic, quasi-Buddhist worldview.
It's something few people who actually go out and vote (white people over 45 or 50 more often than not) can relate to.

Read article here.

Trump lost in Iowa, to Cruz.  In spite of the fact that Cruz condemned the ethanol subsidy.

Sanders and Clinton are neck and neck as I write this.


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