I’m trying to become just a little more bold.

Earlier this month when I went on a camping trip, I tried to say a few things about evolution to my very Christian creationist friend. It didn’t all that well, but then again, he didn’t immediately demand I explain my faith, or stop being my friend. ;)

Now last week, I was visiting my old friends from the missionary program. They got talking about gay marriage and how it’s trying to get into our churches. I didn’t say anything, but they noticed I wasn’t saying anything, so they asked me what I was thinking. So I tried to tell them what I really think. How gay people aren’t going away, how discrimination is like racism in the 60s, how people struggle with their orientation but eventually find God’s love and acceptance.

 They gave me back kind of what you’d expect. If we change marriage to allow two men to marry, just because they want it, next won’t we have to allow adults to marry children, if the children say it’s love? That’s what really scared them. Saying gay is nothing like race, because you can’t change your race. They’re still convinced you can change if you’re gay or not; or that forced celibacy is an acceptable solution for gay people. I really didn’t defend my beliefs as well as I’d like. I wasn’t able to counter their arguments.

There’s only so much I could say, though. This is a very spiritual guy who thinks he’s getting prophetic dreams all the time; so he’s not in the habit of looking for solid evidence.

He even said if the Christians all do the right thing, and hold fast to God’s word, this whole “gay rights” thing will just fade away and disappear in the next 10, 15 years.

So the conversation didn’t go the best, but after a while they changed the subject and we played video games. Then over the next days they were still nice to me. They were really glad to have me there. They didn’t bring the subject up again. We’re still friends.

I don’t think they would have reacted so calmly if they actually found out my atheism. But I feel good having had that discussion with them. I feel like I’m finally making baby steps towards being confident enough to stop hiding. I imagine that would be a good thing.

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Yaay!!!!!!! That's so awesome Physeter! I'm very happy for you. ;)


So glad I'm not crazy in thinking we should celebrate even the little steps.

I failed to go to Apostacon this year, even though I could afford it, because I was too nervous that it would force my atheism 'out' to my parents. So that was bad. But these other things are good.

And? A few weeks ago I was out at the theatre with my brother. And I ordered a glass of wine. I do think he was a little weirded out by that, but he didn't question me, and he didn't tell me I was a sinner. We actually had a really nice night.

well jesus did turn water into wine.
a powerful tool would be to pick up a pack of slim sticky notes in multiple colors and read through your bible again and mark down all the things that are no longer followed by the church, slavery/rape/stoning among others and then when someone says, "if we allowed gay people to wed next it will be allowing pedophiles to wed preteens" you can point out a verse where the bible says just that(marrying rape victims), the fastest way to make a beliver an atheist is to have them read there book.

I don't know about that. They have to be willing to read the book honestly. Otherwise, they just use "faith" to interpret everything, and "discern" how it's all totally consistent and totally loving.

I'm glad that you are feeling more confident in being "yourself" and seeing that the people who love you won't back away as easily as you thought they might. That is ABSOLUTELY something to celebrate! You're on your way to True freedom!

It's a process...it's ALWAYS a process!!! LOL!!!!

I resolved to tell the truth, face the consequences, (even if they hurt) and repeat....

It works!!!


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