Attempt to take "God be praised" out of the money cells in Brazil

So, this morning i was watching TV with my parents in a government channel, TV Justice, and they were talking about some polemic cases that have been judged recently, then they started to talk about the polemic of a prosecutor who requested "God be praised" to be taken off the brazilian money, they also interviewed people on street about it and as ofcourse, most people were in favor of keeping it. But they defended it with such ridiculous arguments, like these for example:

-God and money are sacred things, we need both for our lives, so i think they shouldn't be separated.

-The Dollar got "In god we trust" written on it, why can't we have it on our money too?

-This has been in the money since long ago and nobody cared, no religion manifested against it so why should we care for this now?

The only person who had an argument that made sense was the only one in the interview who was in favor of removing the phrase, here is what he said

-I think its a good idea. Because Brazil is a laic state and as such, it should be separated from any religion, and threat every religious stance as equal

The result of this case was that "God be praised" will stay in the money, the judge claimed that it would cost  R$ to replace all the money cells in Brazil by the new ones and for this, this change in the money wont be done.

While watching this, i noticed my parents, specially my father going crazy about this, when it was said on TV that one of the reasons for this idea of taking this phrase off was that money has nothing to do with religion, my father got angry and said something really stupid:

-The animals printed in the money cells also got nothing to do with money, why not remove them too, why keep them!?

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