I go to a Community College in the SW suburbs of Chicago and I am currently a first semester Freshman. One of the things that I noticed is student clubs. Including a club named GLOW (Gay Lesbian Or Whatever) and I fully support that! An Anime club, Ultimate Frisbee, Latinos, Combat to College (Veterans), and one for Muslim students. There were also 2 religious clubs. A Christian Club and an Islamic Club. I was of course intrested in starting one for Athiests, Agnostics and Free thinkers. I got ZERO support from the college in being able to find a faculty person to sponsor. No sponsor no club! I seriouly considered walking up to the Christian Club table at "Club Day" on campus to tell them that thier religion was based on a "Holy Rape".

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Hey, I have relatives in Chicago! Anyways on topic I loved your idea about doing that to the Christian Club. I think you should keep on trying to make a Non-Religon club and see if it works out. Good luck!
Mathew, contact my daughter. She's at NIU and she founded her group five years ago. It started out small and now its huge. You just have to get the word out there. Their facebook page is called NIU Atheists, Agnostics and Freethinkers. Have you tried the philosophy department for a sponsor? It seems philosophy professors are more receptive to atheism. If you can't find any help, ask my daughter. She might be able to give you some advise to get you going. She had lots of opposition in the beginning and still, find it very frustrating when the believers deface and tear down their fliers. (ironic, vandalizing for jesus). She also cannot get any financial support from the school like other clubs because they put them in the "religion" category, which is such bs. They tried to fight that, to no avail, so they go it on their own with only member dues.

I encourage you not to give up, it can be a very rewarding endeavor. I think the problem with community college is that people there are not as cohesive as on a university campus as they are only there for two years. Nevertheless, its a spark worth igniting.

Sorry for the necropost here.


Yes, it can be very difficult to have an atheist group on campus. I'm the treasurer for an atheist group at NIU, not too far from the SW suburbs. We are constantly having our fliers torn down, chalkings defaced, etc. Some of us in the group, like the girl who founded it, thinks this is a good thing because it means we're getting people thinking.


Anyway, good luck with your group. I like your "Holy Rape" idea lol. You should come visit NIU and our group, we'd love to support you in your efforts! Message me if you're interested.


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