Atheists, what do you think of this "modern resurrection"?

apparently an Anthropologist went to Ghana, a man named Ali (drummer) died, was dead 4 days. Then he comes back, as the article in the link above shows, and he apparently published it in anthropology. Do you believe it?

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In the anthropologists own account, which I have read, the "resurrection" was NOT seen by everyone...

...AND, the ONLY account on record is HIS OWN...

SO, We have an account from what I believe to be a professional anthropologist, that READS LIKE it was written by a tourist and not an anthropologist..but DID say he had not eaten or slept well in days, and, may have hallucinated it.

So, sure, there might have been a bait and switch by the natives...a show essentially, as that SPECIFIC prank has been practiced for centuries...using healthy actors to rise up in resurrections, etc.

We know this because the WAY the prank is done is common knowledge, and, if we combine that with his probable lack of sharpness due to sleep deprivation, etc...with that others asked by him if THEY saw it, and many of them saying no, and some saying yes...

...We get something that is not likely to have happened, at all.


Add to THAT that reversal of ROT is not actually something that proves an entity that created time and space knocked up a virgin human to impregnate her with himself, made some furniture, and then had himself executed by Romans TO allow himself forgive mankind for pissing him off when he made them not know right from wrong, and, they then did something wrong.

And so forth.


And, note that the drummer was STILL DEAD, and, was buried.


Also, Dune the book was cool, but the movie was HORRIBLE.

Therefore, as far as Dune goes, whatever essence the book had was blown away, never to be regained by the movie.

Violeta, in 10 years, perhaps 5. you'd be embarrassed to even ask that question.

You can find scientists on both sides of just about any issue, but typically on one side there are many more and far better scientists and on the other side cranks and quacks.

To be blunt, there are several explanations, including that he wasn't really dead at all. 

Once your heart stops, the decay process starts fairly rapidly. If there weren't flies crawling around in his eye sockets and if he didn't stink to high heaven, he wasn't dead. And if those conditions applied, there's simply no way he could "come back to life."

It's really that simple. 


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