Atheists, what do you think of this "modern resurrection"?

apparently an Anthropologist went to Ghana, a man named Ali (drummer) died, was dead 4 days. Then he comes back, as the article in the link above shows, and he apparently published it in anthropology. Do you believe it?

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"Do you believe it?"


The writer is one of the millions of those terrible Christians that consider those who choose “the homosexual lifestyle” to be sinners, makes the usual assumptions about atheists being immoral and proves the Bible by citing the Bible. He makes the standard claims about how he used to be an atheist but offers no evidence as to why he no longer is. Theological rationalism is an oxymoron. That hardly matters as he is not being rational. If he was successful in rationalizing his beliefs he would be an atheist. Like those other Christians and Muslims he has a warped understand of Science and contends it is compatible with his faith. Again they have to do this or become atheists.

As for the resurrection story – no it is a scam, a lie. It did not happen. The dead to not come back to life after 3 or more days.

James Bishop is pictured on a horse who probably produces better arguments at least once a day.

When a sand dune does so based on random chance, wind patterns, geological forces and emergent feedback loops. In other words the sand dune forms somewhat randomly, perpetuates itself through out the articular form/shape it has and eventually disappears. Once the gazillion grains of sand are spread out all over the desert (and world) what happens to the sand dune? Is anything left of it? Do the particles of sand have some interconnectivity that survives the death of the sand? Do the particles of sand store a kind of memory within them that retains its previous role as part of a larger entity that had some limited qualities that kept it self perpetuating for some time?

In one of my many past lives I was a sand dune.  The coolest part was being able to ride the wind, the worst part was being blown onto public land.  I ended up as a sand dune at a 4X4 rec. area, nothing but a bunch of A-holes driving over my face leaking oil, tossing out their trash, stopping to take a leak, and other gross things (ick)....I almost forgot...Praise doG.

If you believe this story, I've got some land in Florida I'd like to sell you.


You are so lucky. My 265th reincarnation was as a beautiful sand dune in the Sahara where I lasted for many years and eventually just blew away. That constrasts remarkably with by 572nd reincarnation as a sand dune in the New Mexico desert. It took decades for me to form and just when I was at the peak of my being, a huge storm came and decapitated the top off of me, but then I grew the head back again and I kept on losing a lot of my body matter but then gaining more. This went on for so long I no longer knew who I was or what was left of my essence. Was there any more Davis left in me...or just a shadow of a memory? I fell into a manic depression and eventually just let my soul go...I went puff into the air and all the sand just sort of sunk into the ground. Nobody noticed and nobody read my suicide note. It feels so good to finally let this all out.

You too huh?

Remember trying to roll yourself back uphill when you had slid down and then some other lost soul blew in on top of your dune?  That one always pissed me off.

How about that! We have so much in common. one of my past lives I was a little girl who did cartwheels and acrobatics in the jumble gym. This helped me all those times when I was a dune and felt like I was spreading and flatening out. I just did sand-cartwheels and with a slight wind I'd be nice and spiffy with a top hat and cane. What was really terrible was when I was incarnated as a brick of cheddar cheese. You would think I met my end just being cut up in to pieces clean and simple. No. The guys who bought me were having nachos and I became quite familiar with the grater and later a roasting hot oven. I cannot hold most kitchen impliments without having really disrupts my life sometimes.


"and later a roasting hot oven." have already been to HELL. :)

Sandcastles can teach us a lot about the Universe.

It's bullshit

No Ro3bert it's sandshit now the Reg has explained it all. :)

I stand corrected.


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