Hey everyone. I will be experiencing my first World Cup as I became a "football" (soccer) fan two years ago. I didnt even know such a tournament existed and now after following MLS and EPL for the last two years on EPSN, Fox Soccer Channel, and Setanta Sports, I am well versed with many of the players involved in the tourney.

So is anyone out there watching? Who will you be rooting for? What teams and leagues do you follow? How did you come to the sport? 

I will be rooting on my country the USA. One of the only sports we are underdogs in. I follow the EPL (Tottenham), MLS (Seattle), as well as the champions league and other tournements like the fa cup. I came to the sport after a year long mocking of my british boss for liking such a girly sport. After a year of this the euro cup was going to be on espn so I tuned in to kiss a little ass, but what I got out of it was a life changing experience. If I had to keep only one sport it would be the beautiful game.

So anyway share your story if you git one and if your in the US tune on on ESPN, ESPN2, and ABC to view this years World Cup June 11th thu July from South Africa.

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I'll be following my team England. So we'll be in the same group. I always get over optimistic when it comes to England. By the way you should really try to banish the "S" word from your vocabulary, it is Football to everyone else;-)
For the most part I do not use the S word, but I figured alot of people on here were American and used it to limit confusion. In my mind there is only one true football and the origin of the word soccer just makes me hate it that much more.

Why is John Terry the captain? I cant stand that guy, I am from Detroit and the best captain we ever had was Steve Yzerman and I think Steven Gerrard is right up there with him.

I think we will both make out out of the group stages and if England can pull it together they could put 66 behind um.
I am a lioverpool football fan. Steve Gerrard is the greatest.
I support England also but I do hope in this World CUp the players of all teams will please refrain from thinking that their god is watching them as they do the sign of the cross and look up to the sky, before coming on or scoring a goal..
Any comments about this?
We Americans had it right the first time when we just ignored the sport.
Whew, the atmosphere here is crazy! My city is one of the host cities, but the weather's been a bit foul. As a South African, I was horribly depressed by Bafana's display last night (4-0!). I'm not a particularly patriotic person, but I've divided my loyalties according to the languages I speak. Unfortunately France lost against Mexico this evening, so I might have to change my methods.

In South Africa, we mainly call it soccer ("sokker" in my first language). I see a lot of people insisting that it's "football" and not soccer, but really, it's not that serious. "Soccer" is perfectly acceptable over here.
Thanks for the correction! I was convinced that it was more horrible than it really was, but now that you mentioned it, I remember thinking that at least we didn't get our butts kicked as badly as Australia by Germany. But oh man, it was awful to watch.
I don't always follow football. But I must admit that I'm rooting for England. I've been keeping up on the scores online just about every day.
Go Germany! Aaah, nothing like being on holiday, yelling advice at the finest athletes in the world, who are running their asses off while I eat junk-food lying down.


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