I plan on getting married at some point in my life, but I certainly don't want God, Jesus, Zeus, Vishnu, or anything else I don't believe in to crash my party.

Some people might think atheists shouldn't have wedding because they are religious, and so we shouldn't want them in the first place. But I think marriage is too important and special not to honor in some way with an equally important ceremony. After all, there is nothing religious about love.

Fortunately, humanist celebrants can be found nation wide (US).

I wondered if anyone here had a humanist wedding performed and if you were satisfied with it.

And a question to others. Do you think atheists should have marriage ceremonies? Would/will you?

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There is also the Church of Life, whose views seem to be 'Life is cool! We like life!'
From their site:
All that we ask is for you to promote the freedom of and from religion and to “Do that Which is Right.”

Thanks for the link. Seems there are actually a few different options out there for this.
We got married at my wife's folk's house by a JoP. He made one God mention that was pretty innocuous, and I didn't even notice at the time because I was Completely Freaking Terrified. :)

Perhaps someone has already mentioned the Unitarians? I'd imagine any of their "ministers" would happily do a god-free ceremony.


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