In many religions you will first have to marry to the person you have sex with.  But we as atheists, don't have a life manual. So: What are your toughts on sex? 

What is the minimum age to lose your virginity? 

Would you have sex just for fun? 

Is it okay to have more then one sex partners? 

Of course not all the atheists are the same, we just have one thing in common: We don't have a religion. But I wonder what the most atheists think about it. 

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Hi. I am a liberal, British atheist and we have a much more relaxed attitude to sex over here than they do in the US.Less Christians.  I lost my virginity at 14 but that was too young and made me feel bad  so did not do it again until I was 16. Yes, I had casual sex before my marriage.

It is OK to have more than one sex partner - am not sure if you mean

1)more than one partner ever, in which case - yes, yes, yes, have sex with a few people before settling down with a partner or

2)dating two people at the same time in which case yes, if you are honest - I do not believe that sex has any morals attached to it which do not apply to the rest of life but honesty and loyalty and not hurting others applies to all of life. or

3) Two people in the same bed at the same time in which case yes, if it suits all of you!

1. Cheating is out the question

2. The more props the better

3. Foreplay is not a lost art

4. More whipped cream and maple syrup with that?

5. Any age after puberty


Sex is great, it's awesome! I don't think there should be an actual "age" or relationship status, but I do think there should be a maturity limit.

If you know when to be serious and when to have fun, then you should be fine. Sex takes a lot of responsibility, from respecting your partner, handling the medical side, using contraceptives if you aren't ready for a kid, knowing that accidents do happen and a kid is possible even with contraceptives, and much more. Sure there are some 15 and 16 year olds who can handle all of this, but for the most part they are kids who can't even manage to take care of a fish.

What are your thoughts on sex?

- It's enjoyable and fantastic and fun when you are dong it with a partner that respects you and that you trust. I'm personally not into one night stands and I have nothing against people who are, just be smart about it, you know use a condom and birth control.

What is the minimum age to lose your virginity?

- I really don't think that anyone under 15 should be having sex no matter how mature they think they are ... picking an age is always going to be somewhat arbitrary but there is some level of age-maturity correlation. I also think that sex ed needs to start early. Even very young children should at least know the real names for their genitals and what sex is. Sure a 5 year old doesn't need to know all the details but I think when a child starts asking questions about sex they should be honestly answered and I think schools need to teach comprehensive health/sex education starting with understanding what body parts are and what they do and by 5th grade actually getting into what sex really is and from there condoms and birth control and all that information they need way before they actually start having sex. I also think all high school freshmen should be required to take a pregnancy/child development class not only so they can begin to understand the consequences of making bad choices but also so they have at least some basic knowledge when they do actually have children.

Would you have sex just for fun?

- That's the only reason I have sex right now. Thanks to birth control I can do that with little worry of becoming pregnant before I want to be pregnant. Unless what you mean one night stands ... as stated above that's not really my thing.

Is it ok to have more than one sex partner?

- The keys here are honesty and consent. If you have multiple partners then you need to be open and honest about that with your partners that way everyone is truly consenting. I really don't care what other people choose to do... I personally favor monogamous relationships but to each their own.

Sex can be awesome. I don't think it's anything "sacred" or "special." For me, sex is just a physical act. I do not connect emotionally to the person I'm having sex with, it's just something I do to feel good.

I think those 15 or older CAN be mature enough to lose their virginity.

I only have sex for fun. I'm a lesbian and two women cannot create a baby, which is awesome since I don't ever want to be pregnant or have children.

I think it's okay to have more than one sex partner.

What are your toughts on sex? 

its good...

What is the minimum age to lose your virginity? 

its lost......well i guess the minimum age would be 19..tho i lost it at much..much later on~ 

Would you have sex just for fun? 

i'm kinda half n half in this..

Is it okay to have more then one sex partners? 

single ? yes; in relationship ? no.

If I ever get around to having sex, I'll let you know exactly how I feel about it. Going on hearsay and porn, sex is pretty effing awesome. It's also something that should be kept to the people having it, and not blabbed to the whole damn world. I think people should be able to have sex with whichever gender they want, and I think people should decide on their own when they're ready for sex. Eighteen as a hard cap for the age you can start having sex is, admittedly, not a horrible idea. I mean, let's be honest here: from 13 to 18 all guys are thinking about is sex. We've got too many hormones pumping through our bloodstream to really think about it, and we're not above pressuring our preferred partners into a roll beneath the sheets.

That said, I don't think the 18+ only law has ever stopped anyone from having sex if they wanted it bad enough. I think 16 would be an ok age for people to start having safe sex, but only if birth control was easy for them to obtain.

Hell yes I would have sex just for fun...

The number of partners you can have is really between you and your partners. I've met guys (and even a few girls) who have sex with anyone who will let them, but never form a solid relationship. Your partners, of course, have to be ok with the idea of multiple bedmates. Your opinion matters significantly less than theirs,

In general:  So long as everyone involved is a consenting adult and no one is cheating on someone not present, then it's nobody's business.

Minimum age?  Hard to say.  It will vary with the individual.  The person should be physically and mentally mature enough to want to do it and deal with it afterward.  Most people seem to do it around 15-17, which can be emotionally fraught with pitfalls--especially with a lack of good sex education--but if it is put off for too long there can be damaging consequences from that as well.

Sex for fun?  Would I?  Is that a proposition?  Just kidding.  Yeah, everyone does it--even devout Catholics.  (Though there may be some repressed gay religious people who don't, come to think about it.)

Multiple partners?  See first answer.

   I generally don't think about sex and religion at the same time, since one of them gives me pleasure, while the other just irritates me.

Minimum age? Usually defined by laws, and those differ country to country. Not that the country should be able to say a fsck about when one has sex and when not... But laws should make sense, so if a law is not respected and not observed or enforced, what sense does it make to have one? If e.g. the legal age of consent to have any sex at all with another person is 18, and a girl gets pregnant in that country at the age of 12, isn't there sort of a problem?

I have sex exclusively for fun - never for the "intended purposes", if would include sex for breeding/trying to get pregnant.

Ok to have more than one? Depends on you and your partners. If there's The One, until you meet him or her, there probably are the ones you thought were The One, so probably most people had sex before then. I see no point in argueing about stuff from a relationship before or how things were before the significant, current relationship. Did I have sex with others before? Sure. With how many? Not anyone's business.


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