Atheist Extremism, radicalism, unapologetic, disinterested and the apathetic.

Atheist extremism does exist. In places like North Korea, to a small extent in China though far more extreme in the past, previously in the USSR and other die hard communist states. It is relatively rare though and people like Dawkins and Harris are not extremists.

I thought it might be a good idea to give a rough outline of how I personally see atheists in general. That is the degrees of extremism per atheists and some well known person for each category.

I should note that this is a very personal list and that by no means am I saying that we could objectively classify atheists. However it is useful to show how very very few extremists there are in the western world and that there is a semi Gaussian curve in the placement of atheists and their radicalism.

Let me know if you think that I've placed the wrong celebrity in the wrong category, if my choice of categories is wrong or missing something or if you think the whole idea of these categories is inappropriate. Where are you in this list? I'm in the unapologetic category.

Extremist atheist: Wants all religion dead and the state should persecute and possibly execute all religious leaders and perhaps even followers. Atheistic reeducation mandatory. Persecution of millions including penal colonies and executions by the thousands is acceptable.

(Mau. Stalin. Kim)

Radical atheist: Would love nothing more than to see the end of religion but doesn't openly express the desire for the state to do so. Society should make it difficult for the religious to openly practise their faith. Does not openly support it but would like to see children not taught any kind of faith until a certain age. Uses much of their time to harass and insult the religious in often very colourful and funny way.

(Richard DawkinsKraussHawkingsHitchens)

Unapologetic Atheist: Would love to see the end of religion and that society should be thoroughly secular though religion should always be tolerated. More likely to be against religious schools, laws influenced by the religious and that no new religious symbols should be placed in public. Education in critical thinking is highly supported including programs to get children to think for themselves. Upset by how religion hurts people and likely to discuss it, post such stories online or show anger and sympathy for the persecuted.

(Margret Attwood. Huxley. Kafka. James Joyce. Mark Twain. George Soros. Ted Turner. Bill Maher Dennet, Harris, DeGrasse Tyson)

Disinterested atheist: Wouldn't mind seeing the end of religions but disinterested in how it happens and in terms of politics worries more about other issues. Not a fan of how religion harms others but not motivated to do anything about it especially those in Religious countries where open hostility to religion has repercussions.

(Woody Allen. Brad Pitt. David Attenborough. Margret Attwood. Stanley Kubrik)

Apathetic atheist: Atheist/agnostic but rather apathetic about religion and secularism in general. 

(Woody Allen. Einstein. Brahms. Arthur Conan Doyle. Ted Turner. Rafael Nadal)

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