Sometime I have the urge to display to the delusional people around me that I am an atheist. At one time I kept my ideals to myself, but through the WWW I have I have discovered the world is full of free thinkers like myself. The Christians have the crucifix, Jews have the star of David etc, etc.

 I feel I would like a symbol, is there one already (not the 'flying spaghetti Monster') or is having a symbol the beginning of a cult group. 

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maybe thats the emblem  "Stop"

Am I the only person that thinks this is the dumbest thread ever. You guys care way too much about shit that doesn't matter. An emblem? Really? This is stupid. 

I don't think this thread is 'dumb' but I really don't give a rat's ass about it - that's why I haven't taken part in it.  For those that do care about an emblem, well I'm glad they have a place to chat about it and exchange ideas.  For those of us that don't, well there are plenty of other threads, sites, and even that scary place on the other side of the door that I've heard is called 'outside'.

As I see it you have adopted the same fashion of argument that religion frequently follows, instead of putting forward a qualified and valuable idea, you attack with insults and a one sided opinion. Your whole argument/ Retort  is, "An emblem? Really? This is stupid", (sic).

I'm sorry, but my money is on the flying spaghetti monster. Yes, it is a symbol, but it also epitomizes the stupidity of religion in general as well as their need for symbols.

How bout just getting yourself a flying spaghetti monster T-shirt?

I don't believe in the flying spaghetti monster (lol), I consider it a symbol to mock religion, I have no time for religion but I respect their choice to follow it. But they must not force their ideals or beliefs on me or anybody for that matter! Haters create haters...and I do not like religious peeps condemning atheists because they choose to be atheists.

what Rick said!

I dunno, I think the flying spaghetti monster is one of the strongest debate tactics any atheists can use.

Atheists have a lack of belief therefore a  symbol for nothingness would be most appropriate. Like the null symbol. 


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