I have recently been pondering on a question that occurred to me the other day when I was in hospital. Are atheist more or less likely to participate in reckless behavior. 

The reason I ask is because I know I've participated in a lot more 'risky' behavior than some of my religious friends. And I mean every type of recklessness, from 'Jackass' like stunt activities, sexual behavior, drug experimentation, etc. (To clarify I don't mean these apply to myself). And also just being more willing to participate in certain activities, like going out instead of staying in and watching a film, the simple things! 

Personally, I know I have been a lot more willing to participate in 'risky' behavior since I know I am only here once, and I'm damn sure when I'm lying on my death bed, I won't be wishing I had done this or that, even if sometimes it's to my own demise (I'm currently typing with one hand as I broke my hand last week and have fractured/broken 15 bones in total). 

Along with your opinions, I'd love to hear some of the 'crazier' stories you've got! 

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Me, my wife, and my 22 year old son are all atheist, and we tend to be a rather cautious lot.

I like adventure and have done jumping of a bridge and have done a survival hike or two,loving the outdoors, but no not what you are talking about, my son is hyperactive and sounds more like you, loves to do crazy things, skateboarding , BMX,Jumping of the roof with arms pulled into their chest, my best when they got the recipe for fake blood, lloked like something from a horror movie, catching snakes on the farm , two pet scorpians, and one ugly spider called Betsie for a pet.

This is what Betsie looks like

Just a personal opinion, Jorita, but I think Betsy would look a lot nicer if she was flatter :)

She would escape and my daughter would catch her and they bite like hell they also eat cheese grillers. Only two years after Betsie passing away did I find out that there was Betsie the first, 2nd and 3rd. They get to about the size of your hand and are realy fast, but so UGLY! 

Very Kool spider, do you know what kind it is?

I just saw the answer below, thanks!

<Nerd Mode>

Actually, that is a Solifuge, and while it is a member of the Arachnid family, it is not a true Spider. 


</Nerd Mode>

More related to the scorpion from what I have read, have them all the time in summer and scorpions small pinchers and large, our hospital stocks anti venom for them as a people get stung on a regular basis, 

Exactly, both Solifugae and Scorpion(e)s are members of the Dromopoda family of Arachnids.

I got stung twice by a Scorpion from a friend of mine, once for a dare, once accidental, both were not pleasant and that scorpion was about the least dangerous/venomous scorpion. 

Truly remarkable and wonderful animals, albeit a bit of an acquired taste I guess.

Thanks for feeding the nerd in me!

Where do you live that you have such kool creatures?


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