Yes! I am completely convinced that atheism is a civil rights issue. Currently, in the US discrimination against atheists is extremely easy to get away with, and it happens every single day. Since 1947 the Supreme Court has stated that no branch of government can favor a believer over a nonbeliever, but is this the case? As you already know, no it is not. Anytime the supreme court does enforce this, and treats a nonbeliever just as a believer, the public has been outraged and angry. We are clearly a very hated, misunderstood group. From Eddie Tabash's article titled Atheism is Indeed a Civil Rights Issue: "Ever since the famous Supreme Court rulings of 1962 and 1963 that ended teacher-led prayer and Bible readings in public schools, in poll after poll Americans have favored returning government sponsored prayer to public schools by a minimum margin of 69 percent to 27 percent. In many surveys, the percentage favoring restoration of school prayer exceeds 75 percent." That is unconstitutional, period... there is no debate or question about it. Our goal is for the government to be neutral; to treat us atheists equal to their beloved Christians and all other faiths. I don't think we're asking for too much at all. While atheists want the government to just stay out of the god debate, to have no religious mentions in public schools, be neutral between believers and nonbelievers, Christians are pushing the government to discriminate against us, to force their beliefs and values onto every other American citizen, regardless of their background or beliefs. This kind of reminds me of the hatred Hitler had for the Jews... I bet Christians would love to see us in concentration camps. Here's a scary thought: If 2 voters for the supreme court change their stance to establish a 5 vote majority, then us atheists are shit out of luck. They can then LEGALLY abolish the governments neutrality, and things will be much much worse for us American atheists. Because we are having to struggle and fight for our rights, while many of our rights are being violated, this is a civil rights issue. Another important quote from Eddie Tabash: "...consider a historical example. In February 1964, when the landmark Civil Rights Act was being debated in Congress, the House of Representatives passed a measure by a vote of 137 to 98 that explicitly excluded atheists from protection under the new law that would otherwise abolish employment discrimination." I feel like there needs to be more action and more effort for our equal rights, we have been oppressed for long enough. We have seen it throughout history; women, African Americans, the gay community, and other minority groups have had to fight, and fight hard to gain equal rights, and gain the respect that they deserved all along.

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