Something I have experienced numerous times is having a theist, usually one I have just argued into a completely untenable position, claiming that I am "arrogant".

This is what the definition is:


Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.
haughty - proud - conceited - supercilious - lofty

Now, in what sense is arrogant a fitting description?

Perhaps believing that my own intellect allows me to make informed choices is considered arrogant in the worldview of the theist. I dunno.They do like that "humility" thing, which is twisted into meaning "oh I'm an insignificant bug".

Anyone else have this experience?

I suppose I should say that I agree with Richard Dawkins, in that I see no need to give religion any particular deference. The so-called "New Atheist" position of being outspoken and given to withering criticisms of superstition isn't so new with me; I've been doing it for at least 35 years.

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You are arguing with people who believe that the first man and woman ate some fruit that gave them knowledge, that this was a bad thing. and justifiably led to all suffering, evil, pain, and death in the world thereafter. And you wonder why they they call you arrogant when you flash around some knowledge? 

Good point. I didn't get this knowledge from a talking serpent, even if some of my science teachers were a little snaky. Nevertheless, I am demonstrating that I think knowledge and the ability to use it are good things, which I suppose would make them uncomfortable, now that you mention it.

I've been thinking about the "humility" thing too, and remembered a story I read in some AA literature about an atheist alcoholic, drying out in some psych ward. He reported that he was pondering the whole 'higher power' thing that Bill W. had presented him with earlier, and was suddenly struck by the thought (voice?) of "who are you to say there is no God?" He 'tumbled' to his knees, apparently awestruck by the presence of The Almighty Himself, and never drank again. I tend to think such experiences, including the "white light" experience Bill W. himself had, were brought on at least in part by the phenobarbital and/or paraldehyde they used to give alkies back in the 1930's, but I digress. The lesson here is supposed to be that lack of humility (or arrogance) is what blocked him from experiencing God earlier. So, since I have no experience of god, I am arrogant. QED.

Years ago I encountered someone with the idea that the forbidden fruit was in fact oral sex. It seems fellatio and cunninglingus were an abomination to the Prudish Holy One.  I suppose Heaven will be pretty boring.  Ha Ha.

Wow. I'll have to paraphrase Mark Twain on that one - "If there are no blowjobs in heaven, I shall not go". Actually I can say the same thing about cigars, as in the original quote.

Funny song lyric I just recalled:

"In Heaven there is no beer, and so we drink it here."

Just as well there is no beer. I used up my quota here already.

They possibly believe that it is arrogant to think you can live without their god to support and guide you.
Remember, this "being" created the whole universe just so you could be around to thank him... and you respond by saying "Pshaw! No such thing! You don't NEED any gods, but they sure need you!" How arrogant is that!
Now get back on your knees, dirt-boy, and praise him. You don't wanna make him angry .... You won't like it if he's angry. (or am I confusing him with someone else?)

In re praise: they really don't like it when I say something about how insecure their god apparently is. He/she/it certainly needs an inordinate amount of ass-kissing to get through the day. Evidently, the almighty is an angsty teenager who needs constant reassurance of love.

"But do you really, really love me? Oh sure, I bet you say that to all the gods. Tell me again that I'm the best. <rolls the divine eyes> You'd be more believable if you gave me all your money.

I find it pretty arrogant - and very fitting for that definition - to think that a universe with hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars was created just for you. And that even on a planet with seven billion people, god has some special plan for you when millions of people die every day of preventable causes. Christianity is really very selfish when you get down to it

Thumbs up. WAY up!

I have been accused of being arrogant too, by denying Jesus' and God's sovereignty.   It is really unbelievable how arrogant they are being in taking that position!  Because I deny belief in their deities and myths, I'm the one in the wrong?  When I point that out, I'm just accused of being stubborn in addition to arrogant.

Yes, I am "stubborn" too. You just aren't willing to accept the Truth, are you? Ah, fug 'em and feed 'em fish heads.


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