I recently brought up my atheism to a christian friend last night (through email) and explained why I now disbelieve religion.  A couple of the reasons included scientific basis for how old our planet actually is, such as carbon dating, dendrochronology, radiation half-life, evolution, and so forth.  Some of these methods I know date the world much, much older than the bible's approximation of 6-10,000 years.  So of course, she came back with arguments against these methods and evolution.


1. "Carbon dating is not an exact science either."

With this, she mentions that scientists "redate" things because they retest and come up with different answers.  Even still, the differentiation is minute in the grand scheme of things correct?  From what I've understood about carbon dating is that it's quite accurate (at least relatively).


2. Drum roll please...  "Even evolution is a theory."

I hear christians using this all of the time.  I even dropped it a few times myself previously.  I do know that there are several definitions of the term 'theory,' and the theory of evolution is proven by facts, the same facts that disprove creationism and intelligent design.


What are some good arguments to come back with?  I am asking advice mainly for my own education, so I would like some handy unbiased resources and I can form my own answers.  One of her arguments as well was "don't you think that the sources you have studied might have been funded by scientists trying to prove their theories?"  Implying that any site you go to is biased in one direction or the other.

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His mind is made up. All you will do is harm friendship. You can nudge him to science all you want, but admitting his entire belief system is a sham, is not an easy sell. Tread lightly.
Yeah, I sent her (it's a her, btw) a lengthy email with lots of details, and I got a one liner email back, "I hope you find the answers you're looking for."  I have, that's the thing.  She refused to be reasoned with.  Let me make it clear, I was in no way trying to 'de-convert' her, I was simply explaining why I now don't believe in religion or a higher being.  She's a good friend, nonetheless, and we will remain friends.  Our conversations will just have to be absent of religion.  No biggie there.

Here is a good resource page, Understanding Evolution.


Since this is a friend I won't recommend my line for belligerents who throw the "just a theory" line at me, i.e. "I refuse to insult your intelligence by believing you know what you're talking about, when you say that."

Which is a variation of, "I won't insult your intelligence by suggesting that you really believe what you just said." William F. Buckley, Jr.

Haha, I like that line.  I'll have to remember it for future reference!  I'll bookmark the site and study up on it.  Thanks!

This site is about evolution, specifically in the context of creationism. 

It features a big index of creationist claims, with rebuttals.




That was the site I was looking before! It goes into incredible detail and it sourced the way a scientific paper would be

Specifically this:


Thanks for the link Steve, that does look very detailed.  I've glanced over some of the site previously, and am impressed.  I can't help but think, "why the hell was I so blind to this?"  Makes no sense to me how ignorant and closed-minded people can be.
These arguments against evolution always come up, creationist love repeating them. This indeed calls for a facepalm. Another one that's particularly stupid is 'then why are there still monkeys?'

I have had discussions with a guy I worked with, he used all the normal creationist arguments, then asked "if evolution was real, where are the monkey men?" Is it rude to point back at them and laugh?


Lol, I think that's the appropriate thing to do in that situation.

Haha!  I definitely facepalm with the monkey question!  I can't help but laugh.


Another common argument is the flagellum; how there is no way that it is the result of evolution, because all of the parts that make up the flagellum are worthless independent of each other.  I actually sat through an hour and a half lecture on this subject alone.  I'm glad I'm not so blind anymore.


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