This question has been posed in may forms and ways, on this platform and the other platforms elsewhere. I need to pose it once more: Are We (the community of Free-thinkers and Atheists or in our indivual non-group associations) such a bad example of human freedom? People have been saying many things about the charecters of leading atheist, dead and alive. We have been labelled drunkards, sexual immoral, illicit language users, drug users. Is that the picture of this community/ these individuals?

I am in this dilemma beacause I have an understanding ( ofcourse from personal experience) that in the first two years of my consciously and publicly declaring my free thinking stance I wanted to boycott god and religion. So my mission was to oppose, by lifestyle, everything that is promoted by religion. As now I am maturing in my understanding and by associating with experienced Free-thinkers, in this platform and other platforms, I am begining to realise that all this moral things or behaviours that were hijacked by religion were actually part of human evolution, when humans civilized themselves and set laws to gorven behaviours. Thus by upholding  most of the behaviours that were promagated by religion will make me an eveloved species, not a god fearing human being. In the words of one atheist, I can be good without god.

For sure , I am not in the mission of converting people to be free thinkers, however I would not want them to dread associating with atheism/free thinking because of my lifestyle. Would I now?

What is your take , Free-thinkers? are we that immoral? Are we the sum total of everything that the civilized commnuities if human species dread?

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Don't echo's only occur in big empty spaces?

"...The biological religiosity module in our brain..."

I had mine replaced years ago with a state-of-the-art high-performance thinking module.

All I can say is, WOW what a difference clarity makes. :)


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