Are we giving sanctuary to murderers and rapists?

  1. Sanctuary city is a term given to a city in the United States or Canada that follows certain practices that protect Illegal immigration. These practices can be by law (de jure) or they can be by habit (de facto).

An illegal immigrant, using sanctuary city policy to keep from being sent back to Mexico killed a woman who was out for a walk with her father. 

This could not have come at a worse time for those objecting to Donald Trump's controversial statement that Mexico is sending us murderers and rapists.

Here's the story.

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I think most undocumenteds come up to the States to do farm work.

It used to be that way. It actually used to be that they could come work the fields and then go back to Mexico when the seasons were off. Some stayed and moved around from place to place, following the seasons. The U.S. allowed it. Then suddenly we changed the laws and that was no longer allowed. But it didn't mean that the farmworkers just suddenly stopped coming. Many of them had already established their lives here. Many stayed. More came across...

You would not believe the number of songs in the Mexican culture that talk about going to "El Norte." It's become part of their culture and way of life, and many people aspire to do it the way we aspire to go to college.

Now they don't just come to work the fields. Illegal immigrants work in many many different sectors. They shut up and do their job. Haven't you noticed Unseen? They work as housekeepers, in manufacturing/food processing, in construction, in fast food, they own businesses....c'mon, you know that. I've been to Portland. Are you telling me the residents of Hillsboro came to work the fields? LOL!!!

One of the problems with the gangs is that they end up back on the streets.

We can't put them in regular prisons because gang life goes on there as well, endangering not only other prisoners but the prison workers, too.

I know we've gotten off on a tangeant about drugs and illegal immigration, but I think it's important to remember that these are two separate issues, and the way to solve the problems involved are not simple. It is true that there are illegal immigrants who commit crimes. It does not mean that decriminalizing drugs will stop illegal immigration. Illegal immigration happens because we've allowed it to become culturally acceptable. Both the U.S and Latin America (and other countries like Russia and the Ukraine, etc...)

Gang life and mentality and the mentality of the drug lords is deeply entrenched into their psyche to an extent that makes it difficult to leave the life behind without getting killed. What the DEA realized is that locking up gang members makes them stronger, not weaker. They have tried for years to control the, on the inside but they have ease of communication even at a distance. For example, in the gang La Mara, there is likely one man who calls the shots. That gang spans from LA to El Salvador. It functions highly organized, and detailed. They are involved, mostly in drugs, but also sex trafficking/prostitution, and taxing businesses like I was saying. If we got tough on illegal immigration it wouldn't phase them one bit. I don't think people understand how insanely easy it is to cross the border. Some members of my family (ex-husband's family) have done it several times. This idea Donald Trump has of building a huge wall is a fucking joke. He's totally out of touch with reality. Building a wall won't do a damn bit of good.


"when the truth is they are exploiting the immigrants who come in to this country."

Excuse me?  Why would anyone go so far to live under the threat of deportation if the opportunities were not an improvement over the exploitation they were under in their own countries?  Are you willing to give up your job and benefits to someone who is here illegally from Sudan?  Or Somalia?  Or Yemen, Or Chile?  Or Peru?  Or Mexico?

Are you willing to move back to a situation to where legal citizens must live on the streets because the jobs are so few and government benefits are spread so thin...OH WAIT that's where we are today. 

Why must our borders be a sieve to allow for a flow of the exploited peoples of the world, because their own government are so bad?

Is there really enough room and resources in the USA for another 1 to 2 or 3 Billion additional mouth-breathers?

This country has always allowed for immigration in an orderly manner.  It is the disorderly illegal immigration that is of concern, not the legal kind.

Illegal immigrants are simply deported back to their country of origin, WE DON'T HAVE DEATH CAMPS.

I am so tired of that word "exploited"

I am so tired of that word "exploited"

You're really confirming my main point here Gregg. To them they are not being exploited. They DO get a better life when they come here. To us we are getting cheap labor and keeping prices down. Especially food prices.'s a mutually beneficial relationship, and the reason that nothing with immigration reform has been changed. The illusion of freedom is provided for them, while we subtly also continue to provide and illusion of fear.

Truthfully, every place on earth has some outside "immigrant" that no one wants to be there, but they provide the backbone of the economy. If we were in certain parts of Europe we would be discussing those "Romanians." Same shit. Different country.

One side of illegal immigration that you probably don't realize is the intense racism that is felt. I experienced that with my ex-husband. He got injured on the job working in unsafe conditions and had to have life altering back surgery. He has never been the same since, and in many ways I believe it contributed to the demise of our marriage and a reason for some of his abusive behaviors. Being in chronic, unending pain makes a person angry and depressed.

He was given substandard medical care. Even for L&I, and the doctors treated him like an animal. I was with him at most of those appointments. The physical therapists were great, but the doctors were horrible. The only reason they cared even a little bit was because I was there as his (American) wife who spoke perfect English advocating for him.

To this day, even now he is LEGAL in this country with permanent residency (ahem, because of me) and he is 1 year away from being eligible to be a citizen. He will likely be able to vote in the next election even. And he is STILL working at a job where they do not heed his medical needs. He continues to work despite his intense pain. (He works at Wal-Mart. Go figure.) There are laws to protect him (supposedly) but he does not have the confidence in utilizing them because of all the trauma he went through with it the first time around.

My point in telling the story is to say that yes. They are exploited. Even the legal ones like my ex-husband. Maybe by comparison it is better than where they came, but by the U.S standards they are treated like shit, and they do not have a voice. It is a human rights issue. And like it or not, the United States has not only allowed it to happen, it now depends on it to continue. Again I insist. It is modern day slavery.

Back up to the top level...

@Gregg R Thomas

Have the two of you been partaking of the HERB?  As long as the laws are on the books they CAN be ENFORCED (notice the 'ENFORCED' part)  (that's the part where they kick in your door, shoot your dog and beat the shit out of you in front of your wife and kids, while you remind them of your Constitutional rights.)

Also Gentlemen every 4 years there's a chance that the next President will be a Law & Order guy.

History has shown me that those in power CANNOT BE TRUSTED!

Any such crackdown would be so unpopular that even if a politician were so unwise as to attempt it, that would likely be all that's needed to repeal the laws.


Really?  Then why hasn't that happened already?  The acts of aggression against the public from the Drug Enforce Agencies are happening everyday in today's society. 

After ALL the Drug Laws have been repealed then I will join your position and get my own pair of rose colored glasses.

Until then I will remain guarded and suspicious of authority. 


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