Are the following acceptable grounds for a person to take the life of a non-human animal?

a) Its noise bothers you at night.

b) The wolf is killing your sheep.

c) Its meat makes a tasty dish.

d) You enjoy seeing it squirm.

e) The gophers are destroying your vegetable garden.

f) You just don't like snakes

g) The condor (an endangered species) keeps killing your prized carrier pigeons.

h)I enjoy hunting.

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No, though C is somewhat of a reason. You kill it or pay for it to be killed, you eat it. Just like an unborn fetus. That should fit into the non-human category.
I'd say no to all except perhaps C.
There's nothing wrong with eating other animals, we were designed for such. If we can develop a diet that fully addresses all of our nutritional needs without eating animals, though, I'd be down for that.
Why not B and E though? That's defending your food, theoretically your well being and survivability.
Fine, I'll eat the wolf and gopher in place of lost sheep and veges. ;)
You're right, its more personal preference or view versus morals (for most of them).

Wait though... You're ok will killing birds, fish, reptiles, etc to watch them squirm... Just as long as its not mammals? LOL! Based on your other answers, I'm assuming you either picked the wrong letter, or were focused on bugs when typed that.
It all depends on the animal. Is this a mammal or an insect? Big difference mostly.

A. Not unless it's some bug that makes it impossible for me to sleep.

B. If there is no other way to stop the wolf. Then Yes.

C. No.


E. No. There are other ways to stop gophers. I know, I garden.

F. NO!

G. Put Pigeons in cage.

H. No. Hunting can have other advantages for the species though.
a) In general, no. Mosquitoes, however, get no mercy.
b) Yellowstone needs wolves. Time for a road trip for the pack.
c) Yep. Bacon tastes good.
d) No.
e) No, there are non-fatal ways to stop gophers. Despite what Caddy Shack says,
f) No. Sorry, Indy.
g) No. Be more careful of your pigeons.
h) Eat what you kill, be it deer, fish, etc.
A) Nope
B) As a last effort.
C) I'd wrestle a steer to the ground and eat it raw if I was hungry enough.
D) No
E) Yes. (And because carry and transmit nasty diseases.)
F) ..but I do like snakes :(
G) I know I live in the jungle, but we DO have other means of communication.....
H) Only if you eat what you kill.
I don't think it's alright unless it is endangering yourself or others (or any case where it is absolutely necessary for survival). But that's just me!! Everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do and it's fine with me.

Not cool with D or A though. and I agree with everyone else on H.
Absolutely not.
I work at a humane society and I am a vegetarian.
It disgusts me when people kill animals "for the hell of it".
You can't imagine all the abused animals I encounter daily too, it's absolutely heartbreaking.
Funny thing is, it's usually the religious who do the animal abusing and killing.
They always tell me "God put these animals on this planet for a reason."
Why? So we can kill and abuse them?
We are fucking animals too essentially.
People make me sick.
I donate (and used to volunteer) at a humane society, too. If you don't eat animals, that's your choice. I don't eat seafood because I get to see first hand just what big-boat fishing does to the environment. If I could get earth-friendly fish, I'd eat them, too. No god had anything to do with putting animals on this planet to be exploited. Evolution and natural selection, however
Seriously. I doubt any animal out in the jungle would take the moral high ground for me if it were hungry.
Food is food, whether it's on your plate or not. For me, the only thing in question is HOW the animal was treated up until it becomes steak.
The beef I eat is free-range buffalo (I live in Thailand. It's a lot easier to come by) The chickens came out of someone's back yard that morning. The pork are all running around in fields.
I don't support any industry that leaves an animal in a tiny packing crate for the duration of it's short, hormonally injected life.
I don't support an industry that causes damage to the earth.
I also get nearly violently upset when I see animal abuse of any type. It is worse to bully an animal than it is a child, IMO because an animal will always come back for more, and never understand what you're doing in the first place.
If I find a stray animal, I pay money out of my pocket to have it desexed. My two cats are vaccinated and likewise sterile.
Not everyone that eats meat are heartless and cruel.
We are omnivores. What makes us better than animals is how we treat those that are alive.
I'm a full organ and tissue donor. I don't see that as being much different. (I'm DNR, too)
Sorry. Don't mean to break up the point of the thread. I just wanted to say that eating meat does not mean you hate animals (err.. love plants)
a) No
b) If it is not endangered and relocation isn't an option.
c) If that's what you bread it for.
d) No
e) If relocation isn't an option.
f) No
g) No
h) No


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