Are some humans the only animal that worship a god or gods?

I've never seen another animal appear to pray, but maybe... LOL

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I heard a story about a monkey at a temple in India where devotees would leave offerings of food for their gods. This monkey would come into the temple and appear to pray like the humans did, then he'd take the offerings. I think the locals were okay with it, and probably saw him as an avatar of Hanuman.

That's so cute...  I think and I could be wrong...

He knew what it took to get the food... It's what he did for a living more or less... Monkey's.... they are too smart, especially when they throw their feces in the zoo at the crowd....They are saying get the f---k out of here and leave us alone...

Makes me think... why do we put other animals in cages and display them for our amusement?

Are we the worst animal on the face of this planet?

We experiment on them, capture and display them, eat them (I'm guilty as charged) and really believe they are there for us to do as we wish...

 I've read we are the smelliest animal.  and I think they look a hell of alot better naked too!


I had a guy ask me, "Why is the grasshopper an atheist?" XD

LOL... what did you say?
I had to tell him it was a Praying Mantis and it was called irony.  The joys of living in Wyoming. lol

I didn't realize that, because you said grasshopper... the power of suggestion is scary..

That shirt is awesome...:) 

You want a joy... go to an NA meeting... it's similar to being in church...It's helps, but it hurts... ugggg

My nephew started going to AA after getting in a black out drunk car wreck, he says it's not religious.  I said BS!  I can't believe how big the Big Blue Book is I saw it at first and asked if it was a bible. lol


I resolved the issue... because I need the social support...


Get off drugs.. (alcohol is included in that, BTW.. :)  )

My higher power is the group...

It was so hard for me... now it's water off my back...
they say...u'll get it... and I think..I got it... but you never will...

Dispute science and believe in a fairytale... but "I" don't get it.... 

my dog's god is me!!=)


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