I am from Mexico and moved to America and what I found is that the normal in America is to be stupid. The grand majority are just plain stupid, now I compared it to Mexico (I lived in city and in 'high/educated' people (I put it in ' ' because the reality is that is relative) and the normal was to be stupid too, now don't get me started in the 'poor' areas). So, my question is: Are people stupid in general or culture, nationality, social class, play a bigger role? If so, why are there more stupid than intelligent?

*Note: When I refer to stupid or intelligent I am refering to the kind that Socrates meant, that the wise men were the ones who accepted ignorance and worked on it, the stupid were the ones who didn't care or thought they were intelligent.

** I don't feel intelligent or superior, but I try to be reasonable always.

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Early on, in order to fit in, I learned to play dumb - by now, I've had so much practice, it's second nature.

Mmm hmmm, and did your wife teach you how to start 2-stroke motors? Smallll world, ain't it...

No, Papi, actually, she burned up two engines before she realized that cars need oil.

Great story! I think I have the same attitude, even if my IQ is less than 172.

(Um, well, substantially less.)

I saw magician David Blaine doing street magic. He is acting a little odd as he is setting up viewing angles and throws high speed distractions as he is swapping the coin, card or dollar bill. The conclusion of most  of the people is that they have just witnessed supernatural powers. Some tricks were so simple I figured out what he was doing, the others were pretty much all revealed on the net. His selection of trickees is also very calculated. Some actually run away screaming voodoo.

The current zeitgeist seems to be one of anti-intellectualism. There is almost a celebration of the inane in the sense of the “Dumb and Dumber” or “Jackass” movie types.  There are stupid people everywhere who seem to take pride not only in their own stupidity but also in sneering at intellectual contributions from the educated. I will stop now as I already sense a long rant starting :-). I don't suffer them.

The movie from about 2007, 'Idiotocracy', does come to mind as a rebuttal to 'Dump & Dumber'. The movie seems to make a case for intellectual decay, and the need to prevent it. Sadly, it is unclear if the audience gets the point..;p)   

Way to make me feel like I've lived a wasted life!

I 've always said "Ignorance is easily cured, Stupidity is a lifelong disability"

Education has very little to do with it. Just think of all the less schooled people you know of , who can have a good conversation, on multiple topics, or know more than you on some topics. Also consider the mentally handicapped who live happy productive lives, Then think on the well schooled people who open their mouths, and out pops Stupid.Case in point ...the American Tea Party.

Where does "Stupid" come from? I think much of it comes from laziness. Take the Dumb Blond who finds it easier to be stupid and let her companion feel strong and smart. Then there is the Dumb Jock who finds it easier to be stupid and cool to be accepted. Then the Class Clown who gets acceptance by being stupid and funny. None of these people actually need to be stupid, but find life easier when they appear to be.

Stupid tends to multiply. Overbearing parents with religion thrown in, tend to have a lot of kids. These kids are raised to be like their parents. Then grow up to continue the cycle. You do the math.It's pretty damned hard for a kid to realize the trap and work their ass off in private to get out of the cycle.

So are people stupid in general? No. They are raised that way, or choose to be that way.


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