I recently encountered a 'scientific' definition of God: 

God is any probably non omniscient entity with the ability to engineer artificial intelligence, that may probably exceed the intellect of its creators.


We engineer our own brains constantly, in a way that smarter versions of ourselves may emerge.

In the similar way to how a hypothetical God-like (as per 'scientific' definition abovesuper artificial intelligence would update itself (creating smarter versions of itself, probably similar to how today's artificial neural nets update themselves), are humans Gods?

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I have to disagree with you on AI surpassing humans. We all have skill sets and once we understand them well, we can create tools which perform the skill with high efficiency and near infinite endurance.

Humans have one super power that no AI has replicated.


Humans have come as far as we have because we can imagine something better than what is extant.

@Andrew Brown


You appear to be shallow minded.

And of course, your statement above is invalid.

Perhaps you think imagination is some magical property. Imagination, like any other brain process, is information correlation sequences.

Here are some CLEAR EXAMPLES of artificial imagination.

How Google's AI taught itself to create its own encryption:


Robot Toddler Learns to Stand by “Imagining” How to Do It:











Here are a sequence cognitive fields/tasks, where sophisticated ARTIFICIAL neural models EXCEED mankind:

1) Language translation (eg: Skype 50+ languages)
2) Legal-conflict-resolution (eg: 'Watson')
3) Self-driving (eg: 'OTTO-Self Driving' )
5) Disease diagnosis (eg: 'Watson')
6) Medicinal drug prescription (eg: 'Watson')
7) Visual Product Sorting (eg: 'Amazon Corrigon' )
8) Help Desk Assistance ('eg: Digital Genius)
9) Mechanical Cucumber Sorting (eg: 'Makoto's Cucumber Sorter')
10) Financial Analysis (eg: 'SigFig')
11) E-Discovery Law (eg: ' Social Science Research Network.')
12) Anesthesiology (eg: 'SedaSys')
13) Music composition (eg: 'Emily')
14) Go (eg: 'Alpha Go')

Will artificial intelligence take your job?:

Humans need not apply:

The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn:








Keep in mind that cognitive machines have now surpassed humans (IN MANY **cognitive** TASKS), and there is no doubt in that event.

****See #3 in my answer to davis Goodman above, to see the DIFFERENCE between COGNITIVE machines (humans, artificial cognitive intelligence eg DeepMind///AlphaGo) &&& brute force machines (IBM DeepBlue)


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