I'm curious how people think of this.

Jefferson proposed that it is a self-evident Truth that "all men are created equal" .  Let's leave aside the "created" bit.

Belief in this "truth" and its corollary that every human has inalienable rights are quite pervasive.  Large numbers of people in it, at least enough to use it as the basis for constitutional democracies and jurisprudence and taking personal action.  You may even be socially shunned for not believing it (unless, perhaps, you're a Trump supporter).

Yet there is not one iota of evidence for this Jeffersonian presumption.   In fact, there's less evidence for the statement than there is for the existence of God.  God we can't say much about except that He's unlikely.  B contrast, we have reams of evidence that all humans are not created equal.

We know their genetic codes are distinct.  That's measurable proof of inequality.

We know that their physical and mental abilities differ quite significantly.  More measurable proof of inequality.

We know their susceptibility to diseases is different.  Still more measurable proof of inequality.

That's before we get into the issues of nurture which young humans can't control.

We see the results of physical & mental inequality reflected in economic outcomes, with economic and social systems often multiplying the inequality.   Inequality, in fact, is obvious.

In short, any belief in the fundamental equality of human beings is a Myth, isn't it?  

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That's the most I've ever seen you back down. I'll take it.

That's a fiction. I do concede a point from time to time on the very rare occasions when I got something wrong. Maybe I should message you when I do.

"Maybe I should message you when I do."

Ha ha, I'd appreciate that.

BTW, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. How often do you admit to being wrong here at TA?

It's always hard to admit when one's wrong. But it can be liberating.

Everybody here is right almost always, so nobody here has a record of admitting fault on a regular basis. ;)

We have equality in this world because it stabilises our society. Are we born equal though? Well yes we are. We are all born with the same stuff. We have have the same blood, guts and bones. We all laugh, cry, sleep, eat, breath. We all have wants, desires, hopes and dreams. 

By these factors we are all born equal. But when we create divisions and isolations, we in turn create corruption of society. We need equality not just because it is ethical, but because we need it to survive. 


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