Anyone listen to music that expresses their views on religion?

I've been listening to some music that expresses some of the atheistic views that I have, and I was wondering if anyone else would like to share any songs or artists that they like?

A couple of my personal favorites are R Way by Rebelution and Best God in Show by NOFX.

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I'm a hugehugehugehuge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. I consider them one of the most obviously 'out' atheist groups that just haven't said they are yet. But oh man, they so are!

A couple of tracks by them (with lyrics):
"100 Suns"
Interesting. I never really paid attention to these guys. I kind of dig these two songs.
A lot of their stuff is much more up and energetic (especially with their newest album), but they've made very obvious references to religiosity on basically all of their albums.

Here's another one that's got a bit more bite to it: "Stranger in a Strange Land" :D
Cool. I'm kind of digging their stuff. Thanks!
The super-hardcores swear the first album is the only 'real good one' but I love 'em all - guess it pays to be a kinda-newbie ;)
yeah. it's always relative when it comes to how people receive music.
I saw them live around the first album release and thought they were fing excellent. Not a huge fan of the new stuff, but I am not sure about their religious preferences. I have never read anywhere or seen a interview about the subject. I would guess that maybe they are atheist.
Loooooove this song. I actually enjoy Maynard Keenan's remake of it in his band APC.
Agreed! I love that version actually.
Ditto, mate. I have my full comment on the Beatles at the bottom.
Motorhead : God was never on your side (you gotta listen to this one*, not really atheist per se, but very very good
Slayer: the whole God Hates us All album, plus just about everything else :p
Kreator : Enemy of God
Metallica : Leper Messiah
Black Sabbath : Supernaut
Blind Melon : Holy Man
Danzig : Godless
Ministry : Psalm 69, even though the intro makes no sense (There is no Psalm 69 in "The book of Revelations")
Suicidal Tendencies : Send me your money

I'm sure I'm leaving out a lot....

Hey don't forget:

1 - Avenged Sevenfold - God hates us

2 - (I know they suck as a whole but love this tune) ICP - Helleluja


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