I was having a discussion with a distant friend's friend from church. He is around 35ish maybe 40 years old, and hes thoroughly convinced that that Earth was made.. what? 6000 years ago? (Where ever or what ever that is in the bible). I was extremely baffled. I didn't even know what to say. I tried explaining different types of evidence.... He disagreed with me. He doesn't believe in the methods that date sediments back  farther than 6000 years ago.

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I was watching a programme on mothers who kill and they were discribed as delusional. They really believed that this was the right thing to do.
It's amazing, isn't it? The argument that I like to traipse out is the Grand Canyon. No need for dating methods, just common sense.

So the concept. The Colorado formed on the plateau around what would become the Grand Canyon 17 million years ago. The river has cut through 6000 feet of rock and dirt at a pace of 1 foot for every 2833 years (avg) according to what we hold to be true.

The Young Earther has to hold one of these, or both of these counter positions. The river cut through 6000 feet at a rate of 1 inch per month over 270 miles (where is that mountain of erosion?), or the flood did it. Now at the 1 inch, we could be able to see that today and verify it. If they could show one inch of erosion in a year, that would be impressive. The flood carving out the canyon is refuted by giant floods in Washington State that carved no such canyon. It's largely plains due to the floods. link

His required claim is testable. Let him prove it. Otherwise you'll want to stick with the other 99% of scientists over multiple fields. He doesn't accept 800,000 years of ice layers? 450 million years of coral rings at Chazy Reef, Red Shift, Etc, etc. You must reject virtually every method of dating for use in any case. It's absolute denialism. In fact, maybe we should call them Denialists rather than Creationists.
Gaytor, Christians will say god gives you strong delusions so you will believe a lie. If you say, prove god exists; they'll say, read the bible; it's infallible. If you say it's full of errors and lies, they'll say you are delusional.
I find your synopsis of the argument progression to be pretty normal. I guess that I'm a romantic in getting through to some.
If you can believe in god, then all the other idiotic stupidities are trivial.
The religious often ask atheists "What would convince you that god exists?"
Ask him "What would convince you that evolution happened?"

It doesn't always work. There are Catholics in my family, including a few I'd call bigots, but none of them read the Bible literally and none would deny evolution. I don't even personally know a Christian or Muslim who I know to be an evolution denier. My reply would rather be "Evidence that god exists."
25,000 years still refutes the Bible. Thanks Eric!
Ooooh, shiny techno video! Must be true... What an ass! These jokers need to be held to the same standards as real scientists and have their bullshit retracted if they are suspected of fudging with the method.


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